By Will McCants

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    Can u give me some info on the AQ network in Saudi Arabia, and the impactr on the house of Saud?

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    • Anisah says:

      Hi Jordan,

      You are one SICK uneducated human being. You spew garbage without finding out the facts. You are diseased. Dude not all Muslims are terrorists… I am a Muslim female who worships Allah (swt) wholeheartedly and also at the same time respect other religions and race.
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  22. Montgomery says:

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  23. Mahmood says:

    Kindly tell me about beheading of innocent child??? What Islam leave for this act. I beg to you please by God stop this.

  24. Michaela says:

    English born no nothing of jihad but hate life with a passion n would like to take a lot of people down before I end my own life. Governments are corrupt bunch of rich cocaine users that work for there own good. They don’t listen to people’s voices and opinions and have turned this county into a shit hole. Fuck the government and fuck the Americans an British that think otherwise. They say jihadists are brain washed all us English are wake up an see the real world

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  31. Misha says:

    I would ask Americans to kindly leave Islamic territories and to stop air strike or dealing with isis groups .. This is their land , their religion so let them to deal with war or peace themselves. They don’t need help of Americans or westerners. Just live your life and let other religions to live theirs. This is not fair. America keep putting their nose through everything happening in the world . Love and peace to every religion in the world

  32. arun says:

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  35. mohd shanawaz says:

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  44. Joe says:

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  45. Joe says:

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  46. sheikh faid says:

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  47. Inshalla! says:

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  48. pppppp says:

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  49. tttttt says:

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