By Will McCants

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  1. A good article, I like it!

  2. prabha says:

    Can u give me some info on the AQ network in Saudi Arabia, and the impactr on the house of Saud?

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  4. brahma says:

    I am a orphan….I m irritate from my I m very interested to join in terrorist.

  5. puneet says:

    i want to join jihad and terrorism plzz give me a replyy

    • Uncle Sam says:

      It’s miller time

    • fuck puneet says:


    • Joshua Freeman says:

      Hey mate! im but of the recruitment agency dealing directly with ISIS recruitment from Swansea. I was super tight with John (You know who i mean 😉 ). If you would like fruther information please call me on 0808 099 6746

      • Christian says:

        Hello! I want to join you guys and fight!

      • Christian says:

        Hello please contact me at mail: [email protected] i want to join!

      • Mr Anonymous says:

        Do you help people join the Islamic State? Please message me asap

        • Miss piggy says:

          I help since not all members of ISIS belong to the Israeli Security Intelligence Service. There are genuine and patriotic Islamists in ISIS. The only problem we have is that Mossad through its conspiratorial plans organize a purge where the Mossad “ISIS” is spared while the genuine ISIS is beheaded. Children too are murdered or beheaded by Mossad ISIS to alienate the people from ISIS. I am Intelligence Chief, Al Qaeda. I also have an IQ of 450 such that I can read Mossad encrypted radio transmissions.

        • Miss piggy says:

          Genuine Al Qaedas talk to Allah. Sheik Usama bin Laden had warned Islamists of the impending doom they will experience under Baghdadi, Zarqawi and the some of the leaders of ISIS. They were vocal and explicit with these because Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan are alienated. Who would want to behead an innocent child, bomb Sunni mosques and rape Sunnis. What if it were your daughter and you were Al Qaeda or ISIS. How would you feel? You will not only feel bad. You will be murdered for lack of trust.

        • Miss piggy says:

          Encourage more Muslims to join ISIS but warn them of the impending doom. They might be victims of purge. Cleanse your ranks ISIS! A contaminated mind or organization is a danger to its members. Good luck and may Allah be with you! ISIS right or wrong, fight!

        • Miss Piggy says:

          Why the fuck was I ran over by a van! AMERICA is the main enemy! Not our fellow Sunnis. Not our own Islamist children! What else is the purpose of Zarqawi and Baghdadi of beheading young innocent children? Nothing else but to alienate our brother and sisters in Islam from Al Qaeda! AMERICA IS THE MAIN ENEMY!

    • JEMSHI says:

      Assalamu alaikkum ,

      Need to kill InDiaN pOlIcE ….. How Can I help U ?

      I WAS PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN NOW I AM NOT PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN BECAUSE OF OUR POLICE …. . now i want to live lyk a free birdin ur country… Here i cant obey fuCkY rules… Tell me what i do brother ?

    • jihadica says:

      i give you a reply and
      I say you’re not healthy at head ….

    • me the devil says:

      i want to also how do i join

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  9. Mohamed Izad Khan Kureembokus says:

    I want to join the fighting

  10. nasim says:

    Naar e takwir allah hu akbar …..nara e risalat ya rasullullaah

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  14. vikas says:

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  16. westerner says:

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  17. Peter says:

    i want to join jihad, please reply me.

  18. The Regulator says:

    To all the dumb ass ISIS or ISIL what ever the fuck you call yourself fags and followers and want to be ass wipes, I will be on the ground in a few mics and I will regulate your ASS!!!! You have no where to hide, I already see you, you will taste my hard cold steel blade across your neck with great pain. You mother fuckers will feel my wrath. I am like a ghost I am there then in a flash I am gone.

  19. JORDAN says:


    • Anisah says:

      Hi Jordan,

      You are one SICK uneducated human being. You spew garbage without finding out the facts. You are diseased. Dude not all Muslims are terrorists… I am a Muslim female who worships Allah (swt) wholeheartedly and also at the same time respect other religions and race.
      Hope Allah (swt) has not blessed with kids… You are truly a ugly human being.

      • vijay says:

        hi ,, I liked your comment but ISIS are muslims and they are bloody shit on the part of muslims..

      • Appu says:

        I am sorry, but i just thing he is just angry, I really like the way you spoke to him, I apologize on behalf of him, but seriously we are they fighting, is there any thing that is illustrated in the Quran that Muslims are powerful or they should lead, they why are they fighting, I believe we are all equal and are unfit to live in this planet, but just separate the alone.
        Only death can set us free, do you know why the dinosaurs had to be extinct so that we could live, but see only part of the world is living.
        Do you call this living, sick, feel lonely seeing others rich and healthy, people wasting money like shit, when I am not even able to earn a dime, is it my fault?
        I finished my Engineering, aeronautical Engineering with high dreams like serving the country in the research field, I had visions for us but fuck them, fuck this world, fuck this country, do you know how much I had to spend and loose to finish my graduation.
        I lost my dad, he is SOB, he gave is life for liquor and not for us nor for the country, he took away the one most thing that was valuable, my freedom, I thought finishing my studies was the gate way for my freedom, but now I am stuck in this bullshit society with my useless degree.
        You bitches thing that your economy has suffered the most, come and see here govt is still advertising to people to build indoor bathrooms, and that’s not it, Govt is focusing on the Future India it-seems, without knowing that the the system is corrupted as deep as that we don’t run the system any more, we are trapped inside it.
        It is just giving rich people what they want so that they don’t see the bigger picture, only the ones with the power can fight back, but what if you keep feeding them correctly and seduce them, properly.
        Then this bullish-it economy stays in the same shit hole.

        Only in these times we need a rebellion that can fight for us, people among us who can fight for us, and the only thing that will us listen to them is death, its is only cheapest mode of communication among common man.
        All other thing need money, power, but death created fear, which in turn created curiosity among people so they listen, and ask WHAT HAPPEN?

        Desperate time desperate measures are need, if we want a change!

      • human being says:

        not all Muslims are terrorist but all terrorists are muslims..!!1 why ??????
        in-spite of these bull shit better make the world a better place to live.

        you talk about fact?? fact is Muslims are not safe in Muslim dominating r extremest Muslim country. better get a life and give others too in spite of creating massacre with all this.

    • Syedirfan says:

      Jordan hope i have some money i come ur country and u and me face to face i kill u hard i break ur eyes ur mouth u mother fucker

    • talha says:

      You were not allah insulting you can islam of the world because Allah is conspiring
      If death is eternally holle gehts then nix say hpffenlicht gehts you there you must have respected allah

  20. cykill says:

    Uh Jordan you just said something gay about putting your pipi in a dudes mouth sooooo you know your probably gay too.

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  22. Montgomery says:

    I want to join the true faith and trow away the chains of being a Christian

  23. Mahmood says:

    Kindly tell me about beheading of innocent child??? What Islam leave for this act. I beg to you please by God stop this.

  24. Michaela says:

    English born no nothing of jihad but hate life with a passion n would like to take a lot of people down before I end my own life. Governments are corrupt bunch of rich cocaine users that work for there own good. They don’t listen to people’s voices and opinions and have turned this county into a shit hole. Fuck the government and fuck the Americans an British that think otherwise. They say jihadists are brain washed all us English are wake up an see the real world

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  30. I wish to become a student of Mohammed and join jihad. Please contact me with further info

  31. Misha says:

    I would ask Americans to kindly leave Islamic territories and to stop air strike or dealing with isis groups .. This is their land , their religion so let them to deal with war or peace themselves. They don’t need help of Americans or westerners. Just live your life and let other religions to live theirs. This is not fair. America keep putting their nose through everything happening in the world . Love and peace to every religion in the world

    • Omar says:

      With all due respect You haveva point about let people live the way they want. But these people who call themselves “muslim” are not leaving their own people alone. They want to force people what, how, and when to think. They are not leaving people alone, why should they be left alone. The US bombing them is the best thing that can happen to people living under their reign of terror…

  32. arun says:

    if u like to join as terrorist pla visit IS IS PAK on face book and join ……

  33. Going Dark says:


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  35. mohd shanawaz says:

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  36. mohd shanawaz says:

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  37. kasib says:

    I join u

  38. Mohd Abidh says:

    I love this job..i want to join this group..if u have guts then join me..Allah ki kasam I will not leave anyone..

  39. Aasim farooq says:

    I want to join jihaad, ISIS in Pakistan. Please contact me by email.

  40. mohamhead says:

    Fuck all of you! You worship Satan and are too stupid to understand! You will all die!

  41. Sara says:

    Hi, I want to join with u , plz help me.

  42. srinivas says:

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  44. Joe says:

    Death up on all those who don’t agree with Allah !! N

  45. Joe says:

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  46. sheikh faid says:

    i was like to join plz

    • SHAAKAO MIDI says:



  47. Inshalla! says:

    I am a Muslim. I also happen to have a high position in the Canadian government and law enforcement agency. I have a transceiver. I can help you if you can provide me the radio frequency in Continuous Wave (CW; morse code), example. 6.430 mhz CW. I can give you help and classified information. I can also help you insert our brothers and sisters inside Canadian intelligence and law enforcement. I am a complete sell out who has mastered deception. Brothers and sisters, Muhammad had conquered Europe and Asia. But it was taken away from him by infidels. It is high time that the Islamic caliphate conquer the world together with America. Muhammad was insulted by infidels. We should avenge the daily insults that we receive every day from these godless and incorrigible infidels. Email me the radio frequency, brothers and sisters.

  48. pppppp says:

    only nuclear weapon will kill these rubbish muslims.My Lord is Satan and everyday tells me that he will eat all of muslim souls for ever so be careful.Koran is only for idiots

  49. tttttt says:

    I agree fully when you talk about violence you must be erased from the earth.We know how muslims and Kuran treats women in the 21st century.When muslims die Satan is waiting to eat their souls for ever.IDIOTS BASTARDS fuck kuran fuck allah fuck isis fuck alquainta fuck boco haram(bastard blacks). you really need a small nuclear weapon at Mosouli and another t RAKA to go to hell for ever.Satan is always near your souls ready to eat them for ever

  50. GhostArmy - Anonymous says:

    We will hunt all of you down.

  51. SHAAKAO MIDI says:



    • I have recruitment for you…. You can go to Amsterdam and start sucking cock for a living. I really wish the U.S. Would just NUKE ALL YOU MUSLIM FAGGOTS AND TURN YOUR PILES OF DESERT INTO A BIG FUCKING SHEET OF GLASS!!

  52. Arafat says:

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  53. Inshalla! says:

    This is only the start of the worse. Worst will come. Do not provoke us Muslims! We are not afraid to do all of these. Allah has promised us heaven. This enticement is real. Why would we blow up our bodies if it would be otherwise. We all fear the fires of hell. Because Allah in His direct communication with us has promised us 888 virgins in Heaven, surely these rewards would not result in cowardice but more emboldenment. Allah Abubakr! Inshalla!

  54. soni says:

    I want to become a terorism in india. plzz guid me..

  55. ligan says:

    I have completed mt this year and wamt to join a terrorist group in india.plz help me out…..

  56. Inshalla! says:

    ligan, I see that you studied electronics? Get a remote controlled toy airplane. Rig it with explosives and fly them in the White House. Time it when Obama is about to make a speech.. There are no laws prohibiting flying toy airplanes far or away from one’s sight.

  57. Inshalla! says:

    War indeed, does Allah declare to them. I am constantly harassed and provoked everywhere I go, brothers and sisters in Allah because of these words. I will not be surprised if one day, some Devil puts a bullet into my head.

    Allah the Almighty has said: “Whosoever acts with enmity towards a friend [wali] of Mine, I will indeed declare war against him. Nothing endears My servant to Me than doing of what I have made obligatory upon him to do. And My servant continues to draw nearer to Me with supererogatory [nawafil] prayers so that I shall love him. When I love him, I shall be his hearing with which he shall hear, his sight with which he shall see, his hands with which he shall hold, and his feet with which he shall walk. And if he asks [something] of Me, I shall surely give it to him, and if he takes refuge in Me, I shall certainly grant him it.”

  58. zach says:

    Im Hindu by birth but I’m Muslim from inside I want be a jihadi

  59. Syedirfan says:

    Ya allah give me power i kill ur enimes

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    BTW September 11 is coming up guys, let us all celebrate

  63. Allah says:

    Listen to me, ignorant fellows!

  64. Aman khan says:

    Please i want to join jihad and fight
    Please give me one chance I will prove my self
    Waiting for your reply
    [email protected]

  65. Alexandre says:

    I wanna become a member of ISIS please call me I will do all things right and Fight against who wanna take our land,oil,religion and of course our culture.

    Here I come from Brazil…..

    i will help u in thia journey!!

  66. Jack says:

    Fuck you jihadu wankers! Tell Allah to smell my pork

    • Alexandre says:

      Shut up! Your idiot or you wanna suck my dick very hard!!!!!
      Cause are people like you that I have wish to become a ISIS and kill this kind of people stupid,idiot!!

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  71. Shakao MIDI says:

    WITH THE BELOW EMAIL: [email protected]

  72. sri says:

    brothers why u doing all this for whom u r killing u r own people u r troubling them khuran not said to kill humans. what will u get by killing others. once u think why u r killing a person. they have family ,wife, children. see the images of the children wonder by your war. we humans not devils. can u give a life , I will give u 10000000000000000000000000000000000. u can not give a life back. plz think and stop the war against humans.

  73. sandra says:

    how to join ISIL ? very disapointed, I’m searching how to get out of this fucked up world and state. I know it is the right place, we could change the world

  74. Adjoa Aikins says:

    Do you have to be muslim to join ?

  75. Edward Petrusky says:


    • Need to overthrow these psychos. You people need to get a reality check. You will never win this war. Stay in your own country where you belong. Every one of you should be slaughtered where you are. You are not welcome here, we are not afraid and your half assed policies and laws are a bunch of crap. You think you people understand reality, you don’t. You should burn in hell for eternity.

      • Lorena says:

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  76. Al'amen Abubakar says:

    I want to join ISIL. I’m from Kano state of Nigeria.

  77. Abba Salah says:

    I’m Abba Salah. 16 years old from kano State of Nigeria. I’m ready to sacrifice my life for Islam. Ready to join IS.

  78. Jack says:

    Hello! I would like to join ISIS, part of US

  79. Sunny juneja says:

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  80. Thomas says:

    I want to join and to help Barack Hussein Obama, the true caliphate and Hillary Clinton the great whore of Babylon destroy America. I’m sorry I think I will just wait until Obuma and Hitlery officially change United States of America into the United States of Islam.

    • I hope that you towel head faggots die a slow slow death and that all the females in your family get gang fucked up their assess while you watch. Allah is a cock sucking faggot and Mohammad was a cum dumpster. How does it feel to know that for every one of ours that you take we kill 100 of yours???

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  83. anonimous says:

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    • anonimous says:

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  84. Jihad john says:

    Bacon butty wouldn’t go amiss forgot all you musilim twats can’t have on hahahaha

  85. Jihad john says:

    Smelly horrible terrorist twats

  86. Paki slayer says:

    Each and everyone of you smelly horrible paki twats burn in hell I personally wish you all die and I will find you and I will kill you you don’t no me but I have a unique set of skills I am starting a young UK group of young citizens to rebel against musilims in the UK this is not a joke I am serious I will blow a mosque up by Saturday night if there is no change in the ways you talk about us

  87. I agree with you slayer a rebellion should happen who would like to join our cult

  88. I hate paki bastards come get me I’m from Liverpool Samuel winder to forgive you all is up to God but to send you to him is up to me west Derby school tuebrook I live on sandforth by the Shanklys come on then this is England bastards

  89. Scrub says:


  90. Vikramjeet singh says:

    I kill you basterds

  91. muslim haters says:

    dont worry all christians, one day our good lord will purnish all those fucking terrorists. this world is not belong to mohamad or who ever they fucking worship. This world is belong to one n only creature, The good lord. Those who agree say amen!

  92. Mark says:

    Allahu Akbar! 😀

  93. Mark says:

    Seriously guys, can’t you realize that you worship exactly the same god but with some variations, is kind of stupid. ¬¬

  94. sand says:

    yeah i too feel tempted as ive no one…am not only lonely but my life is actually bitter

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