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A Note on Air France Flight 447

Posted: 10th June 2009 by Thomas Hegghammer in terrorism, Western media

People are now speculating that the tragic Air France Flight 447 accident may have been a terrorist incident. French authorities say two names on the passenger list match those of known al-Qaida affiliates, and intelligence agents are in Brazil to find out more. (see also here, here and here). I have looked around on the […]

Jihadi Reactions to the Torture Memos

Posted: 4th May 2009 by Thomas Hegghammer in Motivations, Recruitment, Western media

I found the jihadi reactions – or lack thereof – to the release of the CIA torture memos intriguing. You can read my take on this in Foreign Policy Magazine‘s Argument section.  The bottom line is this: the damage caused by Guantánamo and Abu Ghraib is irreparable and the end of U.S. torture will not in itself […]

Pathetic Psy-ops

Posted: 5th February 2009 by Thomas Hegghammer in Algeria, AQ in Iraq, Conspiracy Theories, propaganda, Saudi Arabia, Western media

The British tabloid The Sun reported yesterday that al-Qaeda leaders rape male recruits to shame them into becoming suicide bombers. Let me start by congratulating the journalist on being able to fit the four words “al-Qaida”, “gay”, “rape” and “horror” in one and the same headline in the world’s largest English-language newspaper. I would not […]

First, Thomas Hegghammer has written a very valuable article on the rise and fall of al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia (more properly, “al-Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula” or QAP).  Thomas’ study is valuable because he draws on a deep well of empirical research to challenge the three major explanatory models of Islamist militancy: ideological (as they […]

Abu Qatada Released

Posted: 19th June 2008 by Will McCants in AQ Leadership, Western media
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Abu Qatada, one of the most influential Jihadi ideologues, has just been released on bail in the U.K.  The Jordanian cleric is an extremely unsavory character and played a huge role in the development of contemporary takfirism.  Still, it’s a little over the top for Steven Wright of The Mail to claim this: Suspected Al […]

A new booklet titled The Media War on the People of Islam (حرب الإعلام على أهل الإسلام) has been released online. Part one deals with Western insults to the Prophet and efforts to demoralize Muslims. Part two covers terms that people in the media use to discredit Jihadis, like Kharijites, takfiris (“excommunicators”), and “terrorists.” Part […]

Watching the Watchers

Posted: 7th May 2008 by Will McCants in Western media
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Since the website is dedicated to monitoring the global Jihadi Movement, I thought it only fitting that the inaugural post feature Jihadis lampooning the practice.  Welcome to the hall of infinite mirrors that is Jihadi Studies. 4-15-08-ekhlaas-watching-the-watchers