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Posted: 12th May 2008 by Will McCants in Chechnya, Dreams
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Ekhlaas member Jibal Afghanistan (“Mountains of Afghanistan”) writes about a dream he had recently about two leaders of the Arab Jihadis in Chechnya, Muhannad and Abu al-Walid al-Ghamidi. Here’s a translation:

This is what I saw today in a dream about Muhannad, Abu al-Walid al-Ghamidi, and Ekhlaas.

I performed the midday prayer.

Then I prayed the sunna.

Then I retired to bed.

While sleeping, I saw…

I am in Chechnya and the snow is thick and harsh.

I was standing beside commander Abu al-Walid al-Ghamidi.

Commander Abu al-Walid was standing over a snow vehicle that was to be driven by one of the brothers. It was a bomb. I said to commander Abu al-Walid, “Is it a martyrdom operation?” He said, “Yes.” Then the brother left with his vehicle.

I turned around and found commander Muhannad sitting simply on elevated ground.

I then walked with commander Abu al-Walid.

I said to him, “Will commander Muhannad hold a meeting with Ekhlaas and answer questions in an audio format?”

He said, “I beg your pardon?”

I asked him some questions, but regrettably I forgot them.

Can someone interpret what I saw?

Dreams of Jihadi leaders are a frequent topic on Jihadi forums and this one follows the general format. What is unusual is to have it tied to a media event.  Ekhlaas recently announced that it was accepting questions for the Jihadi leadership in Chechnya, which they will answer online.  So the dream seems to be either incredibly prophetic or a PR stunt.  Zawahiri, who also recently conducted an online Q&A, should have hired Jibal to promote his event.


  1. Deus Ex says:

    I have read every single one of your posts that have been made thus far. My overall opinion is that your writing is excellent and succinct. You, Abu Muqa, and a select few other blogs are on my daily reading list. I highly look forward to studying your thoughts. Please, do your best to update often and keep your thoughts as they are now: objective. You are helping a future Army Infantry (hopefully) officer. Your website is a rare breed. COIN discussion is easy to come by, but a compilation of jihadi thoughts and a skilled analysis is a tremendous boon.

    Thank you.

  2. m.a.h. says:

    Is there a role or importance for either Jihadists specificity or Arabs in general? I ask because I just read about Juhayman al-Otaibi’s mahdi dream in Yaroslav Trofimov’s “The Siege of Mecca” and another book (I cannot recall which one at the moment).

  3. admin says:

    Hi mah, I don’t quite understand your question. A role in the dreams?

    Utaybi is fascinating. Have you read Hegghammer and Lacroix’s article? Just google their last names.

  4. m.a.h. says:

    Sorry I went temporarily illiterate. It should have read something like “do dreams have a special role/importance to Jihadists specificity or Arabs in general (more so than in the west)?”

    I am now off to google.


  5. admin says:

    mah, dreams had a great deal of importance in medieval Islam. Whole manuals were written to aid in the interpretation of dreams. They were also a key part of Sufi claims to authority. And of course, Muhammad had several dreams or visions, included the ascent through the seven heavens (the miraj).

    In the modern period, dreams were an important part of anti-Soviet propaganda among Sunni foreign fighters. And Lawrence Wright records in his most excellent Looming Tower that several Jihadis dreamed of airplane attacks before 9/11, even though they were not privy to the details of the operation.

  6. Khalid says:

    i onced had a dream (vision) it was i think I was 10-13 years of age I dont reallyremember when it was but i was in London i had a dream that i was in a boat with allah (swt) and some other people but i dont reconize any of them any way
    i was in a particular river which i know and live close to
    this ship broke down and sank and everyone was running on top of the water to the fence of the river people in front of me were sinking and i seen my brother Al-Mahdi started to sink he was half way to sink in the water so i grabed his hair and pulled him out and threw him on out of the water

    the next part i dont remember really i only rember
    after that i was in front of allah, allah was in front of me he had a table in front him and i was opposite the table i couldn’t see any of his featuers i could only see nur (light) after that he pulled out somthing from under his table and it was soo full of Nur i saw it was a Sword

    allah gave me this sword and he aid in arabic this is a responsibility for you and dont let the shaytaaan take it from you and Defend it oh and i could see the doors of Jannh i was outside the doors of jannah with allah

    so i went thinking oky i didnt know how powerful this object is until i soon left allah to protect this responsibility and i could see the shaytaan were gatherd to take this sword so i used it and scare off these shyateen then i realised how important it was i was walking in the street with my sword and then fell to sleeep in a house with the sword next to me i could see myself sleeping and outside their was sahayeen gathered and they were much stronger and they all atacked by these shayteen they took the sword

    i went back to allah the same place and i told him what happend to the sword so he put me in this place were there was a lot of fire and i could see myself with the shayteen in this fire
    i know that i couldent stay here forever with these shayteen so i climbed out slowley with pain and agony and managed to get out of this fire so i went back hunting for this sword and i looked day and night for this sword until i managed to get back by force and then i rushed quikley to allah and to return the responsibility that he gave me
    and he was soo happy with me he pointed at the doors of jannah as if he was saying enter jannah know

    sorry if this is too long
    i was looking for omeone to interpretit for me and alo i was i kept it as a seceret and i always want to know what it ment know 6 years later i told it


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  8. v says:

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