Eid News from the Shabab

Posted: 21st September 2009 by Jean-Pierre Filiu in Somalia, Uncategorized

The Somali Shabab al-Mujahidin just released its “Eid gift” to all Muslims: a video dedicated and pledging allegiance to Usama Bin Laden. (The video is also on youtube).

The production is subtitled in English and features the now famous Abu Mansour al-Amriki. One of the targeted audiences is obviously the English-speaking one, which makes sense now that the number of Somali-Americans killed fighting for the Shabab has reached six. But the main message is the commitment to al-Qaida’s global jihad, which  is not new in essence, but was never previously expressed with such emphasis. My initial analysis is that the Shabab, despite its conspicuous allegiance to Al-Qaida’s emir, is meeting the latter halfway, while echoing his harsh attack, last March, against the Somali president. The release of the video may also be an effort to counter the negative impact of the killing of Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan on 14 September (even though the video was produced before the US strike).

  1. Ibn Siqilli says:

    Several British Somalis have also joined Harakat al-Shabab al-Mujahideen, even appearing in some of its videos.

    The apparent sixth American (from Minnesota) to be killed fighting with the group, Troy Kastigar, was not Somali, unlike the others who have or are believed to have been killed in the country. He was a white convert.

  2. alle says:

    Who is the guy preaching at the end of the first video segment (and beginning of 2nd), taped with somewhat poor quality?

  3. Ibn Siqilli says:

    The late ‘Abdullah ‘Azzam.

  4. alle says:

    Aha, I figured it could be, since the recording seemed so old… thanks!

  5. Talib says:

    Abd’Allah Azzam {Rahimullah}

    This brother was your asset in the Afghan Jihad. Now he is inspiration for “terrorism”. You people are such hypocrites.

  6. Ibn Siqilli says:

    Sticks and stones……

  7. Talib says:

    Bombs and Bullets

  8. Talib says:

    It has become a crime to carry the sword. It has become a disgrace that people are embarrassed of. Being armed has become barbarism and savageness. The Westerners and Americans are like a man dressed in white who slaughters a sheep. And if that sheep’s leg shudders as its soul departs its body that is a rude sheep. Likewise they want to slaughter us while dressed in white garments. And if our limbs shudder as we die we are barbaric.”Look…look at them. They are uncivilized. They are terrorists, they are beasts.” They are from a Jihad group. Protecting ones honor has become barbarism and cruelty. We must smile to the one who violates our honor. Our wealth must be robbed will prostrating to them.”Yes sir…Yes sir”. Our sacred places should be stolen, and if we carry a bullet we are terrorists. If this is terrorism, then we are terrorists.

  9. alle says:

    talibThis brother was your asset in the Afghan Jihad. Now he is inspiration for “terrorism”. You people are such hypocrites.

    I suppose the other side of that is that Abdullah Azzam and his buddies were perfectly willing to take US money & tech when it suited their purposes, but now anyone who does so are murtaddin and kuffar and I don’t know what…

  10. Talib says:

    If you knew anything about history, you would know that the ISI acted as a conduit for all the money.

    And you are dead wrong alle. Dead wrong. We have no problem using an M-16 to kill your soldiers. And we have no problem using US money to further that end.

    What makes someone a murtad and kafir is far deeper then that. Go read the Qur’an.

  11. Ibn Siqilli says:

    “Dead wrong,” what a pun! Go give Eddie Izzard a run for his money….after you finish your chores.

  12. Talib says:

    You have no knowledge so you speak with little snide remarks.

    Didnt have any chores today. They dont get assigned to me. I clean my house on my own accord. Muslims do stuff like that.

  13. Talib says:

    A telling picture of your mental state. Embrace Islam or your going to Hell.

    Have a good day.

  14. Ibn Siqilli says:

    EDIT: “Your”=”You’re=You +Are”

  15. Hesperado says:

    Talib, how would you convince the analysts here at Jihadica that you are motivated by Islam? They seem to think you are not motivated by Islam, and that you follow some twisted perversion of Islam. Are they wrong? Why are they wrong?

  16. Oh, he’s motivated by Islam alright and follows that twisted perversion so anyone who thinks that he follows some “twisted perversion” of Islam are wrong.

  17. Bunny Ears says:

    “You have no knowledge so you speak with little snide remarks.” Sounds like you’ve been reading too much “Samir Khan-style English”.

    Funny how you mention knowledge so much but you don’t consider how weak your arguments for your twisted soul-rotting terrorist aqeedah are.

  18. Bunny Ears says:

    “your going”

    Also very telling of your linguistic background, age and exposure to specific websites.

    -You are the son of parents from the Pakistani area, or thereabouts.

    -You are younger than 24 years of age, possibly 20.

    -Your mind has become hooked on the self-justifying drug of logical acrobatics as performed by Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan, Youssef Khattab et al.

    “Embrace Islam or your going to Hell.”

    I wonder if the Sahabah were as polite as you are? Your statement actually tells me that you don’t truly believe in your intolerant “jee-daddy” beliefs, as it’s just a glue that bonds you to a group of people who are in love with their group as a self affirming entity. You’re no different than a Nazi. So you sir, can go to Hell where you belong.

  19. Reverand Jim from Taxi says:

    ”Didnt have any chores today. They dont get assigned to me. I clean my house on my own accord. Muslims do stuff like that”.

    Just like those shiftless Gulf/Saudi ‘Sod it the maid will do it’ Arabs.

  20. Lisa S. says:

    Roland Marchal on FREErad!cals says that this video is a distress call which was most likely released because Al-Shabaab fears its losing in Mogadishu. What do you think?

  21. Talib says:

    Bunny is so far from the mark it is hilarious! Grammer has never been my knack. Maybe I should continue to make mistakes to keep throwing you people off.

    And no, the Sahaabah would have cut your head straight off. Or competed with eachother to get the honor of assassinating you, like Ka’b ibn Ashraf.

    Yousef Al Khattab supports Hamas. He has constantly tried to defend their massacre at ibn tayymiyah masjid. I dont agree with him at all in regards to the situation. We talked recently.

    BTW, what is the literal meaning of “Aqeedah”?

    Ibn Siqilli, thanks for the typo correction. “Views from the Occident” is a pretty good blog. But from what I can tell you seem to be a lurker on the forums. Maybe there is a way we can start monitoring your activity. We will have to pinpoint you first that is.

  22. Bunny Ears says:

    “Maybe I should continue to make mistakes to keep throwing you people off.”

    Thanks for the confirmation! Why then reply?

    “And no, the Sahaabah would have cut your head straight off. ”

    You don’t get it do you? What’s worse than a beheading? A sweet, 500lb virgin detonating on your head. Just ask Baitullah “Bait ul-Pain” mehusd. I mean, mashed up.

    And how are you going to bring justice to the world thru violent jihad? Yay! By intimidating more people! You came back for a visit because you need to feed off the conflict. That’s how your system works. You affirm yourself thru conflict with other people & views that you have placed outside the fold of Islam and thus according to you, humanity.

    Now go and be a good little pet muqalid for bin laden and his superior ijtihaad. go on, feel the hate, feel the hunger for your Self in the caravan of conscripts.

  23. Talib says:

    I knew you didnt know what Aqeedah meant…

  24. Talib says:

    There is a vulgarity about you.

  25. Hesperado says:

    Funny how Talib ignored my question…

  26. Talib says:

    Its not that I ignored. I just had to take care of Rabbit.

  27. Bunny Ears says:

    “I just had to take care of Rabbit.” – batil, eh…talib.

    Take care? You didn’t take care of anything pal. You just dropped some lame ass comments about aqeedah and vulgarity. And since you’re still tripping over your own attempts at logic, why don’t you get hold of ol’ Sidi Hamza Yusuf, Imam Zaid Shakir and all your other favorite nemeses to “tackle” (or tickle) them with your “profound” “pure” arguments.

    Ironic. You are the one with a “slaferi-jeemaddy” (more like enslaved jihadi) aqeedah that allows you to disregard the lives of innocents completely. Betcha if civilians in western countries, whether African-descended or any other descent do not vote favourably for al-Qaeda’s demands, they’ll get threatened. And if those same civilians don’t vote at all they’ll also get targeted by Al-Qaeda because those civilians aren’t doing anything about forcing their governments to stop fighting al-Qaeda.

    The problem is Batil, you and your al-Qaeda holographic heroes have forgotten about the millions of Muslims living under their Taghut leadership who could also rise up and overthrow their leadership. But yet these tens of millions of Muslims pay taxes and are complicit in the fasaad of the Taghut. And they are NOT accountable for their own resulting sins? Or are the masses just stupid? Don’t think so buddy. Tut, tut. Looks like Al-Qaeda logic isn’t being applied equally.

    If the Muslim in the Muslim countries are smart enough (as they OBVIOUSLY are) to know the status of their own governments and laws then you cannot state that the Muslim masses are ignorant of their own complacency and support of THEIR Taghut governments. You give your energy and life force to a man who is no different than Bush, Obama, et al. Bin Laden was responsible for the planning of the bombings in Nairobi that killed FAR MORE innocents than Americans. And recently, US SPECOPS wasted the Somali-based sicko responsible as well. Your love of the group has blinded you. Let go of the hate.

    So, when are you going to deal with the near threat batil, talib? How long are you going to leave the lovers of the Taghut (Hamza and co.) to compete with you?

    You really should watch some of Habib Jifri and Hamza’s ‘Ilm. Hope it helps. Peace out!

  28. Hesperado says:

    Bunny wrote of Talib:

    “that allows you to disregard the lives of innocents completely”

    Talib is not disregarding the lives of innocents. He is *re-defining* innocents as guilty and therefore licit to kill in holy war. And he’s doing so not out of the blue, but directly from the blueprint of normative classical traditional mainstream Islam.

  29. Ibn Siqilli says:

    Broken, dull record…..

  30. Talib says:

    Ibn Siqilli…I appreciate the blog..I have respect for you. I dont think you are like the Rabbit.

  31. Talib says:

    “The problem is Batil, you and your al-Qaeda holographic heroes have forgotten about the millions of Muslims living under their Taghut leadership who could also rise up and overthrow their leadership.”

    Are you serious? You are a fool.

  32. Talib says:

    A fool who think because he knows some Arabic, he can fiddle with our religion.

  33. Bunny Ears says:

    Wonderful! You still haven’t answered the questions or the realities presented. Just like your slave master of ijthad Osama bin-laid-back-and-watching-you-die-for-his-plots, you have chosen to turn a blind eye, actually both, and now, at the end of this little joke that you call “reponses”, I think to myself,

    “Are you serious? You are a fool.”

    And then I realize that you must be, because it is only

    A fool who think(s) because he knows some Arabic, he can fiddle with A GREAT DEEN. Because Islam is al-Haqq, and you have attempted to use it’s intricacies as if you are an Alim, for the sake of your cult. After all, war is a deception, and the war is against the khawarij who kill the innocent of this Ummah. Guess you never thought Muslims would spend time defending the Deen from the growth of weeds.

    Next time, don’t underestimate who you are typing with, because there are more Muslims out there on the forums and sites like these trying to protect the Inheritance of the Ambiyaa (AS) from people like you.

    You are an amateur. I make dua Allah Ta’la guides you.


  34. Talib says:

    A Muslim who knows something about his deen would start with a salaam. Anbiyya? Maybe…? And the war is against the Kuffar, who are the real killers of the innocent of this Ummah for over 80+ years to speak in relevant timespan. Are you asleep? Where did you learn this garbage? Are you brazen enough to label Muslims the dogs of Hell? Do you know what is the hearts of all these men and women? Do you have the gull within yourself to stand with that on that Day? Truly… I am lowly, debased slave. And continue to pray that Allah keeps guiding me. For sure. None of the Sahabah{RadiAllahuanhum} were so sure of their Iman. What do you know about slander? Do you know what shaykh Usama[Hafidhahullah] did in Afghanistan during the Jihad against the Soviets? That man did more for the Ummah in one day then you ever will in your entire life IF you dont go and do what is obligatory on every Muslim at this very moment. DEFENSIVE JIHAD. All the classical scholars, which include the 4 Imams stated that if the Kuffar invade a Muslim land…Jihad becomes Fard al Ayn. You cant even deny this if you know about this Great Deen. Go read about yourself. I am no Alim. Just a slave…

  35. Talib says:

    And my apologies for the speeling mistakes.

  36. Talib says:

    And gramer issues.

  37. Talib says:

    This about Offensive Jihad, straight from Imam Shafi[Rahimullah]

    This just from a wikiIslam page

    “Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Idrīs al-Shafi’i (767 – 820) is considered by Muslims to be the greatest Imam from among the Four Imams of Fiqh, in terms of his vast knowledge and authority. The Shafi’i school of fiqh is named after him and he has been give the honorific title “Father of Usul Al-Fiqh”. ”

    “Shafi’i replied: God has imposed the [duty of] jihad as laid down in His Book and uttered by His Prophet’s tongue. He stressed the calling [of men to fulfill] the jihad [duty] as follows:

    God has brought from the believers their selves and their possessions against [the gift of] Paradise. They fight in the way of God; they kill, and are killed; that is a promise binding upon God in the Torah and Gospel and the Qur’an; and who fulfills his covenant better than God? So rejoice in the bargain you have made with Him. That is the mightly triumph. [Q. 9:112]

    And He said:

    Fight the polytheists totally as they fight you totally; and know that God is with the godfearing. [Q. 9:36]

    And He said:

    Slay the polytheists wherever you find them, and take them, and confine them, and lie in ambush for them everywhere. But if they repent and perform the prayer and pay the zakat, then set them free. God is All-forgiving, All-compassionate. [Q. 9:5]

    And He said:

    Fight those who do not believe in God nor in the Last Day, who do not forbid what God and His Apostle have made forbidden, and who do not practice the religion of truth, of those who have been given the Book, until they pay the jizya out of hand and have been humbled. [Q. 9:29]

    Abd al-Aziz b. Muhammad as-Darawardi told us from Muhammed b. Amr b. Alqama from Abu Salama [b. Abd al-Rahman] from Abu Hurayra, who said that the Apostle of God[SallAllahu alayhi was salaam] said:

    I shall continue to fight the unbelievers until they say: “There is no god but God,” if they make this pronouncement they shall be secured in their blood and property, unless taken for its price, and their reward shall be given by God.

    And God, gloried by His praise, said:

    O believers, what is the matter with you, that when it is said to you: “Go forth in the way of God,” you sink down to the ground? Are you so content with this present life as to neglect the Here-after? The enjoyment of this life is little in comparison with the Hereafter. If you do not go forth, He will inflict upon you a painful punishment, and instead of you He will substitute another people; and you will not hurt Him at all, for God is powerful over everything. [Q. 9:38-39]

    And he said:

    Go forth, light and heavy! Struggle in God’s way with your possessions and yourselves! That is better for you, did you but know. [Q. 9:41]

    42. Shafi’i said: These communications mean that the jihad, and rising up in arms in particular, is obligatory for all able-bodied [believers], exempting no one, just as prayer, pilgrimage and [payment of] alms are performed, and no person is permitted to perform the duty for another, since performance by one will not fulfil the duty for another. They may also mean that the duty of [jihad] is a collective (kifaya) duty different from that of prayer: Those who perform it in the war against the polytheists will fulfill their duty and reciever the supererogatory merit, thereby preventing those who stayed behind from falling into error. But God has not put the two [categories of men] on equal footing, for He said:

    Such believers who sit at home – unless they have an injury – are not the equals of those who fight in the path of God with their possessions and their selves. God has given precedence to those who fight with their possessions and their selves over those who sit at home. Hod has promised the best of things to both, and He has preferred those who fight over those who fit at home by [granting them] a might reward. [Q. 4:97]

    . . .

    So far as I have been informed, the Muslims have continued to act as I have stated, from the time of the Prophet to the present. Only a few men must know the law, attend the funeral service, perform the jihad and respond to greeting, while others are exempt. So those who know the law, perform the jihad, attend the funeral service, and respond to a greeting will be rewarded, while others do not fall into error since a sufficient number fulfill the [collective] duty.”

    -Excerpted from Majid Khadduri, trans., al-Imam Muhammad ibn Idris al-Shaf’i’s al-Risala fi us ul al-fiqh: Treatise on the Foundations of Islamic Jurisprudence (Cambridge: Islamic Texts Society, 1997), pp. 82-87.-

    Thats not that big of book. I finished in a couple days. Check it out…Rabbit.

  38. Talib says:

    “The first obligation after Iman is the repulsion of the enemy aggressor who assaults the religion and the worldly affairs”. Ibn Taymia{Rahimullah}

    Just as the Prophet (saw) said: “It is expected that the nations will call each other from all horizons, as diners calling each other to feast from a platter of food in front of them.” A person asked the Prophet (saw) would that be because of our small number that day. The Prophet (saw) said, “No, but you will be rubbish like the rubbish of flood water. Allah will put Wahn into your hearts and remove the fear from the hearts of your enemies because of your love for the world and your hate of death”. In another narration it was said: “and what is the Wahn, O messenger of Allah?” He (saw) said: “love of the world and the hate for fighting.”­Narrated by Ahmad with a good chain. Narrated by Abu Daud with the words “hate for death”, and it is a sahih hadith.

    Defensive Jihad

    This is expelling the Kuffar from our land, and it is Fard Ayn, a compulsory duty upon all. It is the most important of all the compulsory duties and arises in the following conditions:

    1) If the Kuffar enter a land of the Muslims.

    2) If the rows meet in battle and they begin to approach each other.

    3) If the Imam calls a person or a people to march forward then they must march.

    4) If the Kuffar capture and imprison a group of Muslims.

    The First Condition: With reference to the Kuffar entering a land of the Muslims.

    In this Condition the pious predecessors, those who succeeded them, the Ulama of the four Mathhabs (Maliki, Hanafi, Shaffie and Hanbali), the Muhadditheen, and the Tafseer commentators, are agreed that in all Islamic ages, Jihad under this condition becomes Fard Ayn upon the Muslims of the land which the Kuffar have attacked and upon the Muslims close by, where the children will march forth without the permission of the parents, the wife without the permission ofher husband and the debtor without the permission of the creditor. And, if the Muslims of this land cannot expel the Kuffar because of lack of forces, because they slacken, are indolent or simply do not act, then the Fard Ayn obligation spreads in the shape of a circle from the nearest to the next nearest. If they too slacken or there is again a shortage of manpower, then it is upon the people behind them, and on the people behind them, to march forward. This process continues until it becomes Fard Ayn upon the whole world.

    Sheikh Ibn Taymia says on this topic: “About the defensive jihad, which is repelling an aggressor, is the most tasking type of jihad. As agreed upon by everyone, it is obligatory to protect the religion and what is sacred. The fIrst obligation after Iman is the repulsion of the enemy aggressor who assaults the religion and the worldly affairs. There are no conditional requirements such as supplies or transport, rather he is fought with all immediate capability .The Ulama, our peers and others have spoken about this.” Ibn Taymia supports his opinion of the absence of the requirement of transport in his reply to the judge who said: “If jihad becomes Fard Ayn upon the people ofa country, one of the requirements, in comparison to Hajj, is that one must have supplies and a ride if the distance is such that one shortens the prayer”. Ibn Taymia said: “What the Judge has said in comparison to Hajj has not been stated before by anybody and is a weak argument. Jihad is obligatory because it is for the repulsion of the harm of the enemy, therefore it has priority over Hijr. For Hijr no transport is considered necessary. Of the jihads some take priority.” It is furthered in a sahih hadith narrated by Ebaad Bin Asaamat that the Prophet (saw) said: “it is upon the Muslim to listen and obey in hardship and prosperity , in what he likes and dislikes, and even if he is not given his rights”. Therefore, the pillar of the most important of obligations, is the marching forward in times of hardship as well as prosperity. As has been stated, contrary to Hajj, the obligation remains present in times of hardship. And this is in offensive jihad. So it is clear that defensive jihad carries a greater degree of obligation. To defend the sacred things and the religion from the aggressor is obligatory , as agreed upon by everyone. “The fIrst obligation after Iman is repulsion of the enemy aggressor who assaults the religion and the worldly affairs.” Now we look at the opinions of the four Mathhabs who are all in agreement on this point.

    Opinions of the Mathhabs

    Hanafi Fiqh

    Ibn Abidin said: ” Jihad becomes Fard Ayn if the enemy attacks one of the borders of the Muslims, and it becomes Fard Ayn upon those close by. For those who are far away, it is Fard Kifaya, if their assistance is not required. If they are needed, perhaps because those nearby the attack cannot resist the enemy, or are indolent and do not fight jihad, then it becomes Fard Ayn upon those behind them, like the obligation to pray and fast. There is no room for them to leave it. If they too are unable, then it becomes Fard Ayn upon those behind them, and so on in the same manner until the jihad becomes Fard Ayn upon the whole Ummah of Islam from East to the West”.

    And the following have like Fatwa: AI Kassani, lbn Najim and lbn Hammam.

    Maliki Fiqh

    In Hashiyat ad Dussuqi it is stated: Jihad becomes Fard Ayn upon a surprise attack by the enemy. Dussuqi said: “Wherever this happens, jihad immediately becomes Fard Ayn upon everybody, even women, slaves, and children, and they march out even if their guardians, husbands and creditors forbid them to.”

    Shaffie Fiqh

    In the Nihayat al Mahtaj by Ramli it is stated: “If they approach one of our lands and the distance between them and us becomes less than the distance permitting the shortening of prayers, then the people of that territory must defend it and it becomes Fard Ayn even upon the people for whom there is usually no jihad; the poor, the children, the slaves, the debtor and the women.”

    Hanbali Fiqh

    In al Mughni by Ibn al Qadamah it is stated: ” Jihad becomes Fard Ayn in three situations:

    1) If the two sides meet in battle and they approach each other.

    2) If the Kuffar enter a land, jihad becomes Fard Ayn upon its people.

    3) If the Imam calls a people to march forward it is obligatory upon them to march forward.”

    And Ibn Taymia remarked: “If the enemy enters a Muslim land, there is no doubt that it is obligatory for the closest and then the next closest to repel him, because the Muslim lands are like one land. It is obligatory to march to the territory even without the permission of parents or creditor, and the narration’s reported by Ahmad are clear on this.”~ This situation is known as the General March.

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  40. Harkat al shabaab al mujahedeen……Allahu Akbar
    Isaliye to you and your fighters

  41. I salute to you and your fighters