Hittin Magazine: China – Friend or Foe?

Posted: 23rd December 2009 by Qandeel Siddique in China, Pakistan

The latest issue of Hittin magazine includes an article titled “China – friend or foe?” by Qari Abdulhadi that centers on the “injustice” committed by China on Muslims, which he argues is unprecedented in history. While the details of this injustice have been hidden from the media, the writer maintains that the growing jihadi activities in China, and the struggles of the mujahidin in Afghanistan and Pakistan, have rendered it difficult for China to keep its true face as the “enemy of Islam” hidden from the public.

While the author accuses the entire umma of referring to China as a “friend” and “brother”, he singles out Pakistan, where diplomatic relations with China have been given a status “even higher than the Himalayas.” Similarly, when listing the responsibilities of the umma with regards to aiding the mujahidin in East Turkistan, neighboring countries – with special emphasis on Pakistan – are said to bear the brunt of the duty.

Abdulhadi presents a list of recommendations, which include the following:
1.    Muslim should correct their misconceptions of China, and recognize the shrewd face of China and its animosity towards Islam.
2.    Make room for the Turkistani mujahidin in their prayers
3.    Expose the heinous face of China and the sufferings of Turkistani Muslims in all religious circles
4.    Spread and contribute to the online journal Turkistan al-Islamiya as it is important for the growth of the Turkistani mujahidin
5.    It is the duty of those with the financial means to help the Turkistani mujahidin

Abdulhadi then offers a brief encyclopedia style description of East Turkistan, with special emphasis on its Islamic history. It notes that since the 17th century at least 40 “jihad-style” movements have emerged in the region, each seeking autonomy from China and the establishment of an Islamic state. Abdulhadi alleges that since 1949, the proportion of Muslims in the region dwindled from 90% to 40% due to efforts of the Islam-hating Chinese regime. These efforts have included limiting the teaching of Uighur language in schools, using East Turkistan as the experimental ground for nuclear testing, and arresting/killing young Muslim activists.

The foundations for the Hizb-e-Islami Turkistan were laid by Sheikh Hassan Makhdoom, aka Abu Mohammad Turkistan, who was trained in Afghanistan and killed by the Pakistani security forces in Waziristan in 2003. The current leader of the group is Sheikh Abdul Haq, who led the movement out of its long spell of silence by carrying out attacks in China against SFs and government employees during the 2008 Olympics.

The June 2009 factory incident in Guangdong province, which resulted in the death of “over 200 Muslims,” and the ensuing violence in East Turkistan, is presented as being symbolic of the “new wave of violence against Turkistani Muslims.” The banning of “beards and veils,” airing a film about the Prophet Mohammad, and denying visas to Uighurs to leave China to “perform Hajj, or go to Pakistan” are also examples of the Chinese state’s “anti-Islamic attitude.”

The bottom line, the writer notes, is that, like all other infidel states, China cannot be a friend of Muslims.

  1. Ibn Siqilli says:

    For those interested, I’ve made the issue referred to here available via Scribd for download:

    New Issue, “Hittin”

  2. Ansar al-Zindiqi says:

    Just adding a little more fuel to the fire is what this propagandist is doing. The ominous shadow of China over the Muslim world is something that Abdulhadi has not thought about much. If people followed his recommendations then the possibility of China working actively with ISAF by sending troops into Afghanistan just might become a reality.

  3. iii says:

    i don’t think china could send troops into Afghanistan easily as long as US troops are still there.

  4. Rbe says:

    chinese army good to fight rioters.. mujhadin will kick china ass any day

  5. Mao from grave says:

    chinese and their shrivelled shrimps cant touch the holy warriors

  6. Dalai says:

    chinese should liberate Tibet and East Turkesitan. This would end chinese fascist regime and stop terror attacks

  7. 4ndy says:

    It would be fun if china would fight against islamic terrorists. Chinesse are ruthless and effective killers, they would exterminate al-Qaeda in no time with no regard to their own cassualities whatsoever. Their like hunting dogs, once they bite, they never let go. They wouln’t even know what him em’. As totalitarian country they woulnd’ t have to worry themselves with human rights and court trials, probably would execute any captive terrorist without a trial.

  8. 5oma says:

    Yes 4ndy, it would be great if China got more actively involved in putting a stop to these religious nutbags and their ridiculous “jihad” against the world. The Chinese army is even larger than it is reported to be and all male citizens undergo at least 3 years military training, so any and all men in the nation could be called to arms in a time of war. Nothing these dirt eating jihadists could do would even slow down Chinas advance.