How Do You Become a Member of al-Qaeda?

Posted: 11th May 2008 by Will McCants in Recruitment

Wali al-Haqq on Ekhlaas asks the provocative question, “how do you become a member of al-Qaeda?” He answers his question with four points:

1. Understand the nature of AQ’s organization, creed, and goals

– The aspirant must recognize that there is an inevitable confrontation between true Sunnis and everyone else. A dialogue of civilizations is impossible; fighting is the only solution for the ills that confront Sunni Muslims.

2. Do what you can, trust in God, and be certain of victory

3. Be steadfast and patient, and cling to the Book and the Sunna in every matter

4. Be faithful to God and God will be faithful to you

– Despite the wishy-washy title of the final section, it’s actually the most interesting. Wali al-Haqq says that if people want to join the organization of AQ, they should join another Salafi-Jihadi group or start their own. Eventually, they will reach their goal. Granted, this doesn’t seem like the promised payoff of the title, but it dovetails with what we know about joining AQ proper.  You have to spend a long time moving in Jihadi circles before someone in AQ notices you.  If you’ve got a talent they need, then they will approach you.  They don’t do much recruiting (on this, see Clint Watt’s recent study of the foreign fighter data in Iraq).

Document: how-to-join-al-qaeda

  1. m.a.h. says:

    You can also get the initial report “Al-Qa’ida’s Foreign Fighters in Iraq: A First Look at the Sinjar Records” and download either the translated or original (Arabic) records, from the homepage of the Combating Terrorism Center –

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      • Were your relatives in the South or North? Nevermind… Sorry for your losses bro’. But blowing up and killing will do nothing to Honor your dead family. It would, I believe, cause them so much hurt and pain in the afterlife to see their progeny (children and Grand-children) wage “Jihad” against anyone. ANYONE. No matter their Nationality, Race, Creed or political affiliation… Those of you who choose the route of Terrorism choose the “Path of the Coward”. The very root of the word “Terrorism” is “Terror”. How could “A Religion of Peace” harbor Jihadists? Simple answer: Complicity. Wiki it. By the way Din Quang Thang… No Q’s about it. Either you were/are/sympathized with the VC… Which one DQT? BTW, (By The Way for you Mouth Breathers) Do you NOT think that the FBI, CIA and INTERPOL are “kinda” monitoring the Web? You may want to tone down your rhetoric as I have already reported your post to the FBI. Motherfucker. No, I’m sorry, Goat fucker.

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          • Rainerio Tayco says:

            Iraqiman, first of all if you plan to ask logistics do not accept a computer laptop from anybody nor a Blackberry. They all have tracking devices. Buy your own. Awlaki’s second in command was assassinated because of a laptop given by a ‘confidante’. Be careful.

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        It seems like your situation is pretty messed up. BUT how does targeting innocent people (most terror organizations anyways) help your cause?

        • Rainerio Tayco says:

          Ask all the “innocent” victims of 9/11 and their relatives if given the chance to behead Usama bin Laden and AlZwahiri even if 9/11 would not happen, will they do it? Their answers? With gusto! Bah! Usama was just ahead of them by 1 second!

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    • If you are hell-bent on destroying institutions that encourage greed and exploitation, we have the Communist Party of USA. You can browse in their website. They are open to applicants ‘eager to change the world’. They emphatize and symphatize with Jihad because we Muslims are discriminated in workplaces and marginalized in society. Communists do not force atheism on you. Communists adhere to their own version of Bill of Rights where freedom of religion is a given right. See how Chechens were allowed to exercise their religion during Stalin.

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    So much anger and hate…

    To those of you who want to join AQ, why join?

    What will Jihad solve?
    If it is due to past injustices, are there alternatives or solutions that can be offered to prevent future conflict?

    What has brought you to this point and what has been the biggest influence?

    To those that are berating them, I fear it will cause further isolation. I wonder if calm can open dialogue.

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    I don’t think so…

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    • Inshalla! says:

      Allah does not discriminate, Gayman. Just study basic electronics and basic chemistry. Learn how to use a cell phone as detonator. Then blow up the Israeli embassy. Your other half Jewish is a son of Abraham. You other half Palestinian is also a child of Abraham. The only thing that sets you apart from the Zionist is you are a child of Allah. They are not.

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