STONE ISLAND HISTORY : Launched in 1982 by creative intellectual Massimo Osti, he set out with a mission to create innovative and functional high quality sportswear with extreme attention to detail. The story really began with the development of a special material, a thick truck tarpaulin, that later became Stone Island's signature fabric Tela Stella. The brand gained notoriety in the 1980s as being the brand of choice for football hooligans in the UK and over the years has developed into a brand whose customer’s come to rely on for high quality, wearable product. Concentration on the functionality of garments resulted from a detailed study of workwear and military clothing, with little notice played to the branding on each product – hence the removable arm badge. In 1993 Carlo Rivetti bought the entire company and shortly after, Osti decided it was time to take a break and stepped down. An innovative Englishman named Paul Harvey was introduced as the new designer for Stone Island, and ended up creating 24 collections for the iconic brand. After 12 incredible years of constant evolution, Harvey left Stone Island and Carlo Rivetti took over the helm. Over 30 years after it's birth, this revolutionary brand is still making waves within the industry with it's constant dedication to research and development in textiles, which is instantly recognisable worldwide.

Italian sportswear label Stone Island supplements its Fall/Winter 2014 video lookbook with yet another video for the upcoming season. Dubbed “Glide,” the piece is a departure from the brand’s usual affair, eschewing its signature tech-savvy outerwear to instead highlight lightweight seasonal garb like long-sleeved tees and sweaters. Stone Island’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection is now available online.