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Reaction To U.S. Strike In Syria

Posted: 27th October 2008 by Will McCants in Syria

So far, the Jihadi reaction to the strikes in Syria is not outrage against the U.S. but ridicule of Syria, who either colluded with the Americans (Hesbah) or is too weak to defend itself against external aggression (Faloja).  I’ll let you know if I see anything else on the subject that’s interesting. Document (Arabic): 10-27-08-hesbah-two-members-think-us-and-syria-coordinated-strike-in-syria […]

Earlier this week, I noted that members of the Hesbah forum are increasingly pessimistic about Iraq. And in May I wrote about the death of Sulayman al-`Utaybi, an al-Qaeda leader in Iraq who had left for Afghanistan after his dismissal from his post. Here’s what I wrote at the time: That he headed straight for […]

In the final installment of the series, we’ll look at a piece of analysis from Ekhlaas member Abu Hamza 2005 titled, “A Modest Reading of al-Qaeda’s Strategy in the Levant [bilad al-sham]”. Abu Hamza begins by referring to Bin Laden’s 2007 statement, “To Our People in Iraq.” The statement, according to Abu Hamza, indicates that […]

If you read Ekhlaas’ sign-in page that I posted yesterday, you already know that Bin Laden has released a new message. Like his message last week, the new one is inspired by the 60th anniversary of Israel, but this time it is directed to the Muslim community, not the West. Here’s a summary: Muslims, Bin […]