Via Telegram channels operated by IS, the Amaq Agency released a brief video featuring Anis Amri (his name is in Arabic Anis ‘Amari) pledging allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and vowing for more revenge operations. The video is entitled “testimony of the soldier of the Islamic State who undertook the attacks in Berlin and Milano”, dated to December 23, 2016.
He appears to be standing on pedestrian bridge in Berlin where he filmed himself using is cell phone and headphones. The somewhat three minute long video is a brief but firm statement that he has submitted himself under the authority of IS and the application of sharia rule by the “state”, presented often by sympathizers and propagandists as “proof” of the IS’ theological coherence and sincerity.
Amri cites several theological references justifying revenge for the suffering imposed on Muslims, pledging that we shall drink from the same cup of pain, a popular reference within jihadist writings, statements and videos, while calling on Muslims worldwide to respond to actions, to strike everywhere especially in Europe. “Jihad against the enemies of God” is a divine obligation. He ends the video in a sermon styled supplication.

  1. Work with the Mayor. I just wrote him this. Apartment 404 is a terrorist threat working with the law enforcement written at the Portsmouth the other night. They find the bug to be humorous and gang stalking tactics that come off as dangerous are getting old to myself and the public. 1/18/2017 8:27p.m. at the Muni station at Fisherman’s Wharf there was a white male that resembled my style, but was committing acts of trespassing and suspicious activity, which isn’t my style. He tried to use a black umbrella to hide his face. They’re still attacking the 1st.

    Hello my name is Alexander David Hooper. The city of San Francisco now has several terrorist threats that were sparked by federal agents and law enforcement. The Al-Qaeda terrorist group was used as a tactic, and targeted the Transamerica building. The problem with this is that terrorism threats means terrorist threats. Law and security personnel across the nation should know what terrorism is, but they don’t, and it’s a common issue. Phillip Burton Federal Building, at 450 Golden Gate Ave, is now susceptible to a terrorist attack because of the impudence of law enforcement in San Francisco, CA. Blame the feds for everything. The FBI should be the only agency and force worked with to target the threat and its source. Last night, 1/18/2017, federal agents stated that the FBI is representing al-Qaeda. I wouldn’t call it that. The FBI is the best avenue to report homeland threats of The United States of America for they educate local law enforcement, and target propaganda used by such groups. Other problems exist in this conflict such as fake drugs being sold to the public, which are lethal and found in the vicinity of downtown, and the money being pocketed. Racism is a tactic being used to oppress individuals by law enforcement/feds. All in all, the economics of San Francisco are being attacked and lives are being put in danger everyday by law enforcement/feds. From EVERYTHING I know about Central Station, it’s being mislead. They have their own reasons not to care about terrorism or the FBI. I can’t say I’ve seen improvement, but I have come across people there that do their job well and come off as upstanding citizens. I still want to press charges against them, and the heretics in particular that have disregarded their oath and endangered San Francisco, CA.
    I am illegally bugged by federal agents that have attempted manslaughter on The President of the United States Barack Obama. They checked into the Spear Towers February 20th, 2015 as CIA. These feds are the root of this conflict. They’re slaughtering the public, and causing mayhem among good people. The bug is proved. The local law enforcement/feds of San Francisco, CA have been reluctant to care or be concerned about the threats that have been made on particular individuals and majorities of people. Oaths have been violated. I am a witness to treason against The United States of America.

    Alexander David Hooper

  2. SFPD Central Station and a FBI agent of San Francisco, CA has disgraced Allah. Please forgive them.

  3. لقد بحثت بالفعل عن القنوات التي تديرها إس

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