Shumukh Forum Reacts to Abbottabad Docs

The al-Qaeda supporters on the Shumukh forum have mixed reactions to the Abbottabad documents released by the CTC. Here’s a summary of the main thread (159824) that discusses the documents: These documents are not real. They are designed to sow discord among jihadis and create tension b/n al-Qaeda and the online jihadi forums. The documents are real and show normal disagreements between a commander and his subordinates. No big deal. We need to wait for Sahab (AQ’s media wing) to validate the documents. Even if the documents are false, most outside analysts agree they show the sincerity of AQ and its seriousness. Each of the documents contains an element of truth but the CTC has also mixed in falsehood, such as the bits about divisions between AQ leadership and the affiliates We need to see all of the Bin Laden documents to really know what’s going on. This is just a

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Abbottabad Documents

The US government has released some of the documents it captured during its raid on Bin Laden’s compound. The documents have been released through West Point’s CTC, which has provided an excellent overview and hand list. Since the documents are being circulated in a .zip file, I thought it’d be useful to put them online in an easy-to-access format. Date: Unknown, From: Unknown, To: Unknown (Eng) (Ar) [SOCOM-2012-0000009] Date: Unknown, From: Unknown, To: Unknown (Eng) (Ar) [SOCOM-2012-0000017] Date: Unknown, From: Unknown (probably Bin Laden or `Atiyya), To: Nasir al-Wuhayshi (Eng) (Ar) [SOCOM-2012-0000016] Date: 14 Sept 2006, From: Unknown, To: Bin Laden (Eng) (Ar) [SOCOM-2012-0000018] Date: Between 24 Oct and 22 Nov 2006, From: `Atiyya, To: Jaysh al-Islam (Eng) (Ar) [SOCOM-2012-0000008] Date: after Jan 2007, From: Unknown, To: `Atiyya (Eng) (Ar) [SOCOM-2012-0000014] Date: 28 Mar 2007, From: Unknown (an Egyptian), To: Hafiz Sultan (Eng) (Ar) [SOCOM-2012-0000011] Date: 11 June 2009, From: `Atiyya,

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One Year Later

While you wait patiently for the CTC’s release of a few Bin Laden documents tomorrow, here are three articles I’ve written recently on what’s happened since Bin Laden’s death (plus a video): A Brookings memo explaining why many of Egypt’s Salafis have embraced party politics after railing against it for decades An update to my Foreign Affairs piece An exploration of the implications of al-Qaeda holding territory in Yemen and Somalia A panel discussion on al-Qaeda’s status with Stephen Tankel and Mary Habeck Totally unrelated, if you’re interested in what the US government is doing, not doing, and should be doing in the realm of social media, there’s this.

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