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Here is a very brief roundup of what people on the forums are saying about the Ft Hood massacre. Compared to the English-language jihadi forums, there is little discussion of the Ft. Hood attacks on the top-tier Arabic jihadi forums.  When there is comment, it is driven by U.S. press reports. On Faloja, no one believes there are direct ties between the attacker and al-Qaida.  It was either an individual act of conscience brought on by Muslim suffering or someone who had been ideologically influenced by AQ. Posters on Shumukh agree.  If AQ were behind the attack, it would have been more spectacular.  Other posters posit more individual attacks as American troops tire of the war. Anwar al-Awlaki, the cleric with whom Hasan had some contact, is not well known on the Arabic forums.  For example, this reference to him relies on U.S. reporting and his English-language sermons.  However, he is a very

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