Oman, the Land of No Jihad

Ekhlaas member al-Suhayl observes that JIhadis criticize Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and other Arab countries for collaborating with the United States, but they say nothing about Oman. Moreover, Oman has not been the object of Jihadi violence. This despite the fact that Oman allows the U.S. to use its military bases, has an office for Omani-Israeli relations, has a constitution that violates Sharia law, and has reformed its curriculum to conform with “Bushi-Blairi” Islam. Abu al-Usud al-Saffak (The Blood-shedding Father of Lions) responds that Jihadis come from every country of the world except Oman. He’s at a loss to explain it. Suhayl concurs, remarking: “One of the mujahids said: ‘There are two countries from which mujahids do not originate: Oman and Bahrain.’” `Adhab al-Qabr (Torment of the Tomb) believes that the reason for Oman’s lack of Jihadi production is the Ibadi ideology that dominates religious matters. (This would be ironic

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