Jihadi Book Club: Omar Nasiri’s Inside the Jihad

Ekhlaas member Rahib Irhab (“Terrible Terrorism”) posted some excerpts from Omar Nasiri’s book, Inside the Jihad.  (The excerpts are originally from al-Hayat, who got them from the Arabic version of the book.)  Nasiri (a pseudonym) is a Moroccan-born spy who penetrated al-Qaida’s organization in the ’90s at the behest of the French.  Rahib Irhab suggests that forum members should read the book in order to understand how militant groups are penetrated, presumably to prevent the same techniques from being used again. Document: excerpts-from-omar-nasiri-inside-the-jihad

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Jihadi Book Club: Encylopedia of Modern U.S. Military Weapons

On May 10, 2008 Ekhlaas member mohanad57 posted a link to Encyclopedia of Modern U.S. Military Weapons in pdf format. Like most illicit material shared by Jihadis, the link takes you to an independent file sharing site (in this case, rapidshare.com). This keeps the forum managers from getting in trouble, reduces bandwidth consumption, ensures that files can be shared rapidly, and makes the links temporary. For all you jihadologists out there: If there is a download you want on a Jihadi forum, get it immediately–the link will stop working in a few days.

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