Jihadi Reactions To Election Of Obama

Reaction from the members of Hesbah, the last of the top-tier Jihadi sites to remain open:

  • Abu Ahmad al-Salafi: “The election of this black man to the Black House will improve the image of the New Rome in the eyes of the world.  Al-Faruq `Umar [the second caliph] was right when he said that Rome is the fastest to recover after a catastrophe.  That’s what has happened with the election of this black man.”
  • Al Hakim: “Today America elected Obama because al-Qaeda wanted it, after God desired it!  In 2004 America elected Bush because al-Qaeda had wanted it, after God desired it!”
  • Abu Ahmad al-Salafi: “I think the election of McCain would have been more beneficial and useful to the Muslims than this black slave.  This Christian is a fanatical supporter of the Jews and (his election) will raise the market shares of Western democratic capitalism (even though it is) in the final throes of death.”
  • Al Hakim: “Brother Abu Ahmad al-Salafi, like you I believe that al-Qaeda wants the election of the Republican candidate McCain.  But the organization has been quiet until now, when Obama has been elected.  There can be only one reason for this: the organization is taking the next step after the success of its previous plan against the wildly stupid Republican Party.  The new plan requires a massive effort from al-Qaeda and we are behind it.  The Democratic Party is diplomatic and smart.”
  • Abu Mus`ab al-Mujahid: “We will not stop from seeking (America’s) destruction…”
  • `Abd Allah al-Harbi: “The victory of Obama means the departure of the occupier from Iraq, humiliated, exhausted, defeated, and broken.”
  • Umuruzi al-Misri: “Unbelief is one community, meaning Bush, Obama, and McCain are the same.”
  • Al-Nasr lil-Islam: “Obama is the black gloves that the American cowboy will wear to strike Muslims, so don’t rejoice too much.”
  • elhajgamal: “Greetings noble brothers.  Is it permissible for us to address him by the color of his skin just because he is an enemy infidel whom we hate on behalf of God?”
  • Al-Nasr lil-Islam: “We say ‘black’ because he is not white.  There is no place for racism among Muslims.”

Document (Arabic): 11-5-08-hesbah-reactions-to-election-of-obama

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