Insider Analysis of Nuke Tape

Akram Hijazi, a Jordanian professor who’s a big favorite on the Jihadi forums, blogged about the nuke tape that was posted on May 25 on the Ekhlass forum with the title: “The Prayer, The Prayer (Answered)–Allah Akbar America Has Been Destroyed–By a Fatal Jihadi Nuclear Strike.” The video, which Evan Kohlmann dismissed as poorly-made amateur propaganda, was posted by Ekhlaas member p2l0a0g8u9e and contains a description of Islam’s position on the use of various kinds of WMD. Hijazi notes that thousands of people viewed the post and hundreds commented on it, asking for the source. He also points out that this is p2l0a0g8u9e’s only posting, which means he wants to conceal his identity from the other forum participants. Some of the Ekhlaas commentators figured out that the name of the poster, p2l0a0g8u9e, is a rudimentary code for plague2008-9. Hijazi observes that this date corresponds to September 2008, also the time

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Bin Laden Statement Prompts Speculation on AQ Strategy in Palestine (Part 2)

The next punditry we’ll look at in the series is by Yaman Mukhaddab. Mukhaddab is one of the younger generation of AQ pundits and has quite a following judging from the cross-posting of his analyses to other forums. Yesterday, he posted his response to Bin Laden’s two recent messages. Mukhaddab considers both messages–one directed to the West and one directed to the Muslim community–to be a single statement. They were split up, he contends, because they addressed different audiences that have different needs. For example, the message addressed to the Muslims had to be translated into Asian languages, whereas the message to the West had to be translated into European languages. Taken together, the messages are “the dividing line” between the last stage of AQ and a new stage. The new stage will have the following features: 1) Bad days are coming for the Jihadis’ enemies. There will be simultaneous

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