Jihadi Media Materials Under Attack On Archive.Org

Hafid b. Ladin, a member of the Hesbah forum, complained last week that links to Jihadi media material on Internet Archive (www.archive.org) are under attack.  For those of you who do’t follow the forums, media materials are not uploaded directly to the forum servers but rather to third-party sites; the links are then posted to the forums.  As Aaron and Marisa have observed in the past, the third-party site of preference has been archive.org.  But now, according to Hafid, the material is being removed, which he considers to be part of the larger action against the Jihadi presence online: All of you know of the attacks and strikes that the jihadi media has been subjected to, beginning with the targeting of jihadi forums and ending with the deletion of links for materials which have the scent of “terrorism.”  The supporters of jihadi media have exerted great effort to overcome many

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Jihadi Media Pioneer Drowns, Friend Explains How They Met Online

The Sumud Squadron announced last week that one of its founding members, Abu al-Haytham al-Shamali, had drowned.  According to the statement, Abu al-Haytham had established a number of media brigades and squadrons, including the Ghuraba Brigade and the Sumud Squadron.  He was also known on the forums for his postings on security and propaganda.  The statement gives the following as his online aliases: مخابرات المجاهد on Ekhlaas, Hesbah, Shumukh, and others عيون المجاهد on Faloja أبو عاصم المغربي when meeting with hadith scholars عالي الهمة on the Alukah forum أبو الهيثم النقشبندي on the Ana Muslim forum al-monsif as a supervisor on the Shamal Room forum On Faloja, a member posted a letter from Faris al-Khafa’ (Knight of Secrecy), who claims to know Abu al-Haytham personally.  Faris says that he met Abu al-Haytham on the forums and did not realize initially that they were from the same country.  Abu al-Haytham

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Islamic State of Iraq Online Media Distribution

Just in time for Craig Whitlock’s helpful survey of Jihadi internet propaganda, Ekhlaas member Usud al-Tawhid (Lions of Monotheism) has posted a message about the Islamic State of Iraq’s method of media distribution. The message is by an Abu al-Zarqa’ al-`Iraqi, who claims to be a member of the ISI. AZ warns forum members not to post media material from Iraq outside of official channels online. He relates that he once made this mistake when he published clips of an attack carried out by a certain “Dr. Fathi” (probably alluding to this). AZ’s action angered people in the ISI’s Media Ministry and resulted in AZ and another brother being hauled before a Sharia tribunal. A brother informed AZ that Furqan is the only entity that can publish media material for the ISI. By this, AZ says, the brother meant that members of the ISI’s Media Ministry in al-Furqan were the

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New Book: The Media War on the People of Islam

A new booklet titled The Media War on the People of Islam (حرب الإعلام على أهل الإسلام) has been released online. Part one deals with Western insults to the Prophet and efforts to demoralize Muslims. Part two covers terms that people in the media use to discredit Jihadis, like Kharijites, takfiris (“excommunicators”), and “terrorists.” Part three is on al-`Arabiyya and al-Jazeera. media-war-on-the-people-of-islam (حرب الإعلام على أهل الإسلام)

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