Poll of Potentional Foreign Fighters

Periodically, Ekhlaas members poll the forum. Usually, the questions are inane (“How much do you love the Islamic State of Iraq?”). But a recent poll posted two months ago caught my eye. The voting seems to be coming to an end, so I’m posting the results. The question is, “After you arrive in the theaters of jihad (God willing), where will you find yourself?” The respondents can choose from the following (quoting): in a martyrdom operation in the field of battle fighting the Crusaders [direct fighting] producing sophisticated weapons [traditional and non-traditional] in leadership positions [company commander – group commander] teaching a course on the Sharia in the media division something else 75 people responded, but only 46 directly answered the question. Some had multiple answers, so I only counted their first choices. Here’s how the results break down: 15 Martyrdom, 22 Fight, 3 Weapons, 3 Leadership, 0 Teaching, 1

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