When Will Somalia’s Shabaab Movement Declare An Islamic State?

That’s the question asked by a member of the Faloja forum.  Here are some of the answers:   Al-Yamami: The Shabaab will soon declare its allegiance to the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI); that’s why ISI’s head, `Umar al-Baghdadi, mentioned the movement recently. Muhibb al-Muqrin: It will be become an emirate and remain so until the ISI returns to full strength after the occupiers leave Iraq at the end of the coming month.  It will then give its allegiance to the ISI.  Buya`tu Allah: It is not in the Shabaab’s best interest to declare a state or to join al-Qaeda right now because it doesn’t want to face more enemies. Al-Mu`tazz bi-Din Allah: It should declare a state after the Ethiopians withdraw from Somalia. Qannas al-Dawla al-Islamiyya: It should declare an emirate soon. Khayr Jubnd Allah: The Shabaab will declare a state after the occupiers have been driven from all

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Ekhlaas Members Travel to Somalia, Iraq

Under_cover2, a member of Ekhlaas, announced two weeks ago that two of his fellow forum members have made the transition from forum fighters to foreign fighters.  One went to Somalia, the other to Iraq. Iraq makes sense, particularly for Jihadis living nearby.   But Somalia?  I don’t see it mentioned much as a destination anymore. Document (Arabic): 7-11-08-ekhlaas-news-of-forum-member-who-went-to-somalia-and-another-who-went-to-iraq

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