Letter from Balqa’ Jail

The Jihadi Media Elite (Nukhbat al-I`lam al-Jihadi) has posted a notebook that Zarqawi dedicated to his sister, Umm Qudama, and to his brother-in-law, Abu Qudama. According to the colophon, Zarqawi finished writing the notebook on May 31, 1998 from Balqa’ prison in Jordan. The Jihadi Media Elite posted images of the first five pages, which Zarqawi titled “the introduction,” but there are links to the rest. This is going to be a very important primary source for those interested in understanding Zarqawi’s psychological development and his time in prison. Here’s a summary of the introduction: Part of the Sunna is that God’s servants are tested so they can be distinguished from the insincere. Suffering imprisonment and torture is the lot of God’s Messengers and those who follow them. Our tormentors have no power over us. If we survive, we will see God’s promises fulfilled. If we die, we will attain

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