Blackwater in Pakistan

Posted: 11th September 2009 by Qandeel Siddique in Pakistan

A growing number of news reports from Pakistan are voicing concern over the alleged presence of the controversial security contractor Blackwater (or Xe) in Pakistan. The latest online edition of banned Urdu newspaper Zarb-e-Momin (linked to the outlawed al-Rasheed Trust) also issued an article on this topic.

After briefly outlining Blackwater’s history, columnist Aurya Maqbool Jan argues that the most shocking aspect of the firm is that it operates under the cover of NGOs and charity organizations in areas where Americans wish to carry military operations:

“It asks a few educated individuals to engage in welfare activities in the area; while this facade is being maintained guerrilla-like soldiers sneak their way in.”

In Pakistan, Jan claims, Blackwater headquarters are situated in the University Town area of Peshawar, and the NGO cover used by the firm is that of “Creative Associates,” an organization involved in development work in the tribal areas.

“Driving dark colored armed vehicles, wearing even darker shades, carrying heavy weapons, they come out of their cars only during traffic jams in order to protect the important personalities sitting in it. […] Under the pretext of providing protection to NGOs and its American staff members they enter their target area, and soon thereafter envelop entire regions under their influence.”

Jan suggests that retired army officials, bureaucrats, journalists and workers of human rights organizations in Pakistan may already have been hired to realize Blackwater aims in Pakistan.

Jan reminds his readers that Blackwater has been accused of “murder, kidnapping, (and) sexual violence.” He draws a comparison with Iraq whose people are “very familiar” with Blackwater activities; because NGOs were spying for Blackwater in “all Iraqi cities”, and “killed Iraqis everyday.”

The writer warns that if the Pakistani people does not turn away these “unwelcome guests”, Pakistan could turn into another “Falluja or Najaf”.

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  2. sikander says:

    Situation in Pakistan is getting better and the capture of Taliban leader Muslim Khan in Swat testifies to this fact.

  3. usama saeed says:

    Indeed it is true that blackwater has enterd Pakistan and s operating under the guise of NGO’s ,
    many hummer trucks have arrived at port qasim , and a few of their bases are being set up along with us marines and nato near tarbella and gharo sindh!!

    This all is happening right under our noses and the government is mum about it, it is extreamly alarming, because if one analyzes the statements given by obama and many other us politicians , (yesterday which is 911 ) they have stated that more attacks are being planned against the us , and the prepartors are none other than the Taliban, who according to most or should i say the entire us politicians are using Pakistan as their training ground, thus if any such attacks do occur , the Usa would be able to Launch immediate attacks on Pakistan.

    We as Pakistanis should be preparing ourselves against such heinous acts, and force our government to show some guts and take steps to eradicate this immediate threat.

    May Allah be with Pakistan, Pakistan zindabad!

  4. amir says:

    we will make grave yard for them in pakistan.and we will take revange of our iraqee brothers.inshallah.we are pakistanies they dont know us well.and zardari is a big basterd american pet.who selling our land our diginity,our respect just for some dollers.he is a feroon of pakistan.he is not a muslim.he is pure kaffir.and will die on kuffor INSHALLAH.we are the guard of our countery and we will save our countery.

  5. Noman says:

    InshaAllah hum apnay watan or apnay Deen kay lye woh sab kuch kernay kay tayyar hojaingay jis ka ye log soch bhi nahi saktay….poori Millat-e- Islamia main in logon nay Zardari jaisay hukmarab bithae howay hain or apni merzi kay kaam lai rahay hain InshaAllah….amir bhai nay bilkul theek kaha ager koi bhi gher mulki Force pakistan main daikhil hogi woh Khitta us kay lye Grave yard ban jaigaa.. ALLAH HU AKBER

  6. Mohammad Tariq says:

    We will fight till the last drop of blood left in our body to save Pakistan because of Islam against the Kuffaar and Munafiqeen.

  7. Ibn Siqilli says:

    Not a fan of Blackwater/XE, but you blokes are an embarrassment to the vast majority of Muslims.

  8. Talib says:

    Muslims need more people like them. Brothers, check your intentions. Wage Jihad for Allahs sake, not for a country. Your Jihad will mean nothing if it is done for anything besides seeking Allahs pleasure and making His word supreme over taghout.

  9. shaz says:

    Zardari is indeed selling every thing just for himself and some of his chailaas!!!

    All these activities are extreamly alarming in Pakistan!!America is using zardari to buy whole pakistan and specially it plans to take control of our neclear weapons, then it will invite india to attack pak sar zamin and then pak may be like iraq!! (please Allah save us from that stage)…we have to open up our eyes!!

  10. shaz says:

    Even Nawaz shareef seems to b quite because of American push!! why he is not responding!!!
    every thing is fishy!!

  11. Omair says:

    hahaha, thats why we Pakistanis dont get good leaders, because we keep on expecting good from those leaders whom we have seen many times in the past.. For God sake think realistically and stop expecting good from the tested leadership..

  12. Faisal hayat says:

    Ab waqat agaya hai abb Afganistan say Allah ki fauj ai gi InshAllah InshALLAh InshALLAh ye sa saab kay saab maray jain gai jo black water or jo in ka saathee saab kay saab……………………………

    “Zulum jaab berhta tu mitt jata hai”

  13. Aftab Meshud says:

    Is USA responsible ??? Why the pakistani ARmy is silent over this all. Isnt it because Pakistan Army is more Acting like American Dogs. Pakistan Army With Army Cheif Musharraf Lunched WAR in Waziristan And FATA and Balochistan for the Intrest of pakistan??? Is yes Where is the goal of that Intrest after 5 years. … Politics is the business in pakistan And Army of pakistan is the Rented American Dogs Dont stand with Army Or political Leaders. Stand and have faith in Islam Boycott the American Product. and hate Paki Or Porkistani ARmy. Long live and love pakistan & Death to pakistan Army.
    May Allah Bring All the mess to this pakistani Army ( Ameen)

  14. These Policital Leaders have sold there mother to USA.

    They all are kutta da putr. Musharraf now is saying Blackwater is something we should checkup? But what happens if he was leader. He have done same as Zardari. Yeh sub kutta da putr hain.

    Zardari, Nawazsharif, Musharraf all these are big PIGS.

  15. tribalatwarfare says:

    “Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, harass them, lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war.”

    Muslims, fight in Allah’s Cause. Stand firm and you will prosper. Help the Prophet, obey him, give him your allegiance, and your religion will be victorious.”

    “Fight them and Allah will punish them by your hands, lay them low, and cover them with shame. He will help you over them.”

    “Believers, what is the matter with you, that when you are asked to go forth and fight in Allah’s Cause you cling to the earth? Do you prefer the life of this world to the Hereafter? Unless you go forth, He will afflict and punish you with a painful doom, and put others in your place.”


  16. Hesperado says:

    What are all these Islamophobes doing leaving comments here…?

  17. Talib says:

    You cant even enumerate the articles of faith in Islam. Dont speak on something you dont know about.

  18. Hesperado says:

    Talib, If your comment was directed at me, are you saying that the comment of “tribalatwarfare” immediately above me at —

    — reflects a sound and correct knowledge of the “articles of faith” of Islam?

  19. Anwar says:

    Dear Brothers and sisters
    There is an important news with me which has not been reported on media yet. 30,000 (thirty thousand) blackater guards are soon coming to pakistan.We are hearing of 1000 marines have already arrived and 700 blackater guards are already in pakistan.The new number is going to be 30,000.its huge.
    The question is where are our protectors? The pakistan Amry?
    these americans will replace the corrupt police system of pakistan and top of their agenda is to promote western culture in pakistan by force.In coming days you will hear about lot of religious issues which will include banning all madrassas, cutting number of masjids, forcing sexual education in schools(in sindh its been approved recently), banning hijab,building special cells in television media which will talk against islamic values.and lots more.
    Any resistance offered by anyone will be killed soon and an atmosphere of fear will overlap us.Our women will be forced to entertain these americans as those 200 houses in islamabad have been renovated with whine houses as well as porn houses.
    Dear Brothers and sisters,
    water is up our heads now.Its time to wake up if not for pakistan but atleast for Islam.our examination has begun now and will be questioned on the Day of judgment.
    Its time now for each of us to show some action.Dont rely on your government and the Army.They all have been bought and now they are selling us to america. Do you all like this to happen?
    Its time to fight now,
    Its time to defend Islam now like our elders did
    Its time to defend pakistan now
    Its time for the change now
    I request you all to get alert 100% and scan all activities around your neighbourhood.Where ever you see Blackwater guards or their supporter Pak Army’s officers besides them, dont wait for the next moment and shoot them they way they are planning to shoot us soon in future.
    Fellow brothers and sisters, We are indeed sleeping but not dead yet.
    Wake up all before we die like rats
    Live with honour and die with dignity.

  20. Talib says:

    It is directed towards you, yes. And he didnt quote the articles of faith…He quoted the Holy Qur’an.

  21. Hesperado says:

    Talib, and the Holy Koran is NOT the articles of faith?

  22. Talib says:

    The articles of faith reside in the Holy Qur’an…I was speaking about a specific part of our religion that is entitled, “the articles of faith”.
    Belief in Allah
    His Messengers
    His books
    His Angels
    the Day of judgement

  23. Talib says:

    Jihad is part of our religion. And we will continue to be humiliated until we all embrace it and fight the people who fight and oppress us, who usurp our wealth, spill our blood, imprison our sons and daughters, destory our property, the list goes on and on. Prophet Muhammad {SAAWS} told us this in the Hadith. Do you want to see it? It is Sahih.

  24. Hesperado says:

    Then we have no disagreement, Talib.

    When I wrote “What are all these Islamophobes doing leaving comments here…?” above, I was being sarcastic. I meant that you and other Muslim commenters here are very Islamic, not un-Islamic as our Western analysts at Jihadica assume.

  25. Nice to see agreement about this. After all, on other sites leftists and (many Muslims too) would claim that such comments are not truly Islamic – when in fact – they are.

  26. Syedzadah says:

    Main threat to pakistan is Zardari bastard..who has sold pakistan to usa,these bastards blackwaters main aim is to create sectarian killing in pakistan,kidnap or kill religious leaders,divide pakistani society into shia,sunni,wahabi,deobandi,christian,hindu,ahmadiya basis..same what they did in iraq..we need to make grave yard for usa marines and blackwater in pakistan…and make example of them,they also want to destroy pakistani atomic reactors and kahota,Tarbela dam,and may be kill Dr A.Q khan,harami zardari need to be killed who is selling our soil to these kafirs…if we need money then let China invest in pakistan..coz its been our best friend sofar..we dnt need enemy of islam usa zionist kafirs.and blackwater will be accompanied with usa JSOC..who destroy countries…plz open ur eyes and fuck these bastards…pakistan zindabad and islam………

  27. Muhammed Ahmed says:

    Biggest rapist and murderer of muslims in IRAQ, AFGHNISTAN and now in PAKISTAN
    Are known as BLACK WATER and US MARINES

    These bastards are Just coming for midnight plan of snatching Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal’s. they are coming to hurt and kidnapp great chinese (people of Super power). US Government trying to create hatred for destablize Pakistan they are funding terrorist in peshawer, few of Bastards are deported and blacklisted, but they are coming again coz of Mr Haqqani and great American Pakistani by changing different passports and origin.

    Blast of islamabad WF program can be an activity of Black water because, in this office no one can enter who can plant BOMB inside, only high ranking official can plant this bomb if it is planted bomb not a suicide attack.
    People of Islamabad are ready to occupy US Embassy in Islamabad in case of any problem as IRANIANs did before.

    We wish that Pakistani Airforce should attack of US Marines available in Afghanistan as they are killing muslims in Pakistan.

    No one can snatch Pakistan’s nuclear arsenals, if (US Marines and black water) they did Pakistani public will not let them go alive out of Pakistan. We will make graveyard of US Marines and Black water sluggish, pathetic.

    Who is terroist ? the one who is killing innocent people so US forces killing innocent people in Pakistan by drone attacks, in afghanistan by many many air attacks, they are destroying masajid’s in afghanistan, they are rapping with afghan inncoent girls, US Wolfs should be out of Pakistan.

    I do appeal to all Pakistani to open eyes leading to kill Black water and other bastards who are supporting them.

    ” Obey to Allah and YES to Jihad against US Forces ” this is first and last priority of all muslims.


  28. Dr Muddassir says:

    Dear ALL


    Alhamdolilah most of you did a very healthy and good discussion on the subject. I wish to say few words, and that is; black water members will be replacing our police system. This is correct and I know it. Army is doing their best to safeguard us from this shit, but its us the common persons who vote and elect the Govt. We did that then why blame army this time. What is the need of time is that we should get up and come out so as to safeguard our dear home land. Remember GOD help those who help themselves.

  29. Muhammad izhar says:

    Dear readers,
    i am university graduate in social sciences. i worked for world bank and NRSP projects and after that i decided not to participate in these kind of activities then in 2004. its now 2009 i have no job but i am still committed to my decision. I would like to add few words i participated in malakand and mardan NRSP survey. NRSP is govt of Pakistan institution but behind them in Islamabad IMF and world bank is controlling it. well this was not shocking for me because most of us already know tis but the shocking thing was when i they were questioned if “NRSP is bank would you mind and what would you do if its an NGO” all of them considered it as bank and they said if its an NGO we will leave working for NRSP.
    these are the people who have most interaction with mullah and you can know who is more loyal and educated to save pakistan these govt dollar eater official or mullah, i will leave it to you. May Allah tell us straight path.

  30. Muhammad izhar says:

    Dr Muddassir sorry to say but Pakistan army is paid 10 million dollar per month for 120 thousand troops in trible areas to kill breading women and children to stop birth of tribles and kill the remaining in the battlefield but Allah in Quran says “I am the best.” he will not let fulfill the tricks of jew and its allies “pakistan army” in Quran if and only if u read with translation. out of 30 chapters in 28 chapter he discussed Musa “AS” and Musa always made angry firown even when he was alone and in Quran Allah say “tell them oh Muhammad Allah is enough for me”

  31. syed khurram ali zaidi says:


    I have read the blogs that are very strong comments and commitments with islam is not only jihad.If you all want the circumstances of pakistan to be in peace first we have to realize what we are doing.let me identify we have to examine first ourselves our we actual muslim,the true muslim definition is in Suurah Al ASAR ( Asar ki kasam insaan nuqsaan may hai siwaay unkay jo imaan lai aur naik amal kartay rahay haq baat ki talqeen aur sabar ki takeed kartay rahay),so my brothers and sisters being a muslim is not enough to recite five times for salah its also require the haqooq ul allah.Point is we have to grip first the education system in pakistan and then you will see its automatically set the health system and so on.Jihad bin nafs and jihad bilmaal is so important dont forget it.with regard to USA agenda you will easily came out if you realize where we are standing right now.we need a leadership A young leadership in our country to came out from these challenges and let me tell you one thing no political party is in condition to take stand against USA.we need a Young buerocrat or technocrate or dictator or like khalifa who can implement and guide us,because in islam there is no democracy,let say ten uneducated persons are wrong side and four educated persons are right side who wins in democracy ask to your selves,so there is a vital need to get best educational system and more research required.I would like to tell you that most invention were came to bagdad and invented by the baghdad when muslims were in power.

  32. Marriam says:

    I don’t see why Pakistan has constantly been targeted as the country to possess the Taliban, the Al-Qaeda and so many other organisations. What so many Americans and other citizens of the world don’t know is that originally Osama was

  33. Imran Marfani says:

    Blackwater is nothing only something made by people i know everything my chacha is general in pak army zulfiqar ali shah. All this is just made up my usa & ISI dirty work doing people like mqm in karachi also ISI & black water peoples. Come to my house we sit & talk also all this is nothing, i am telling u. On jalbani street opposite south city hospital 2nd house on left my house brown wall clifton area karachi, near the bbq tonight. We sit eat bbq also i tell u what all this is. It is nothing. Just making us crazy in fights with each other. Go to hell with ISI & Blackwater. Hahahahahahaaa

  34. Hazrat umar farooq says:

    As the America has come in to power,it has tried to ruled and maintained his in the world. And Black water is one part of it’s plane of ruling in the world and it is used for USA illegal purposes.

    • Hazrat umar farooq sherani says:

      As the America has come in to power,it has tried to ruled and maintained his in the world. And Black water is one part of it’s plane of ruling in the world and it is used for USA illegal purposes.

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