Ekhlaas member Rahib Irhab (“Terrible Terrorism”) posted some excerpts from Omar Nasiri’s book, Inside the Jihad.  (The excerpts are originally from al-Hayat, who got them from the Arabic version of the book.)  Nasiri (a pseudonym) is a Moroccan-born spy who penetrated al-Qaida’s organization in the ’90s at the behest of the French.  Rahib Irhab suggests that forum members should read the book in order to understand how militant groups are penetrated, presumably to prevent the same techniques from being used again.

Document: excerpts-from-omar-nasiri-inside-the-jihad

  1. Hugo Chavez says:

    It’s interesting to know that jihadis take this book seriously. I remember about a year ago the analysts at Belgium’s ESISC.org railed against this book as a complete fraud. Apparently they took umbrage at the idea that some bumpkin from the other side of the sea could work himself into a position with French intelligence. Regardless of its authenticity, it’s a fun read.

  2. digin says:

    To Hugo Chavez

    you should first make some research about the so cold “analysts” before talking about the authenticity of that book.