Weekend Trivia

Posted: 19th June 2009 by Thomas Hegghammer in Afghanistan, art, Bin Laden

British soldiers found an Aston Villa tattoo on the body of a dead Taliban fighter in Afghanistan, British newspapers reported earlier this week. Of course, for Birmingham City supporters, this is reason enough to deploy nuclear weapons against the Taliban. It’s more unclear what this means for Taliban-al-Qaida relations, given that Bin Ladin is an Arsenal supporter. Jihadica is on the ball and will report any soccer-related chatter on the forums.

Jihadists have been more interested in fashion this week, with forum participants discussing the “Infidel” fashion label at length. I knew this stuff existed, but I didn’t realise quite how much there is. Some introspective forum participants got the irony and likened the phenomenon to jihadists embracing the label “terrorist”. Others saw it as a sign of the apocalypse. But most didn’t know what to make of it.

Thanks to Cecilie and Brynjar for the links. Have a great weekend.

PS The Arsenal story is nonsense, as are many of the claims in Adam Robertson’s book.

  1. Good evening…INFIDELLLL…..


    If the Takfiri are monitoring…you guys need to put down your Holy Quran for Pyschopathic Dummies and try meeting some girls.

  2. Ibn Qawqaz says:

    It’s hilarious (and sad) that when those who don’t know anything about Arabic, presume every letter and every word must sound like “kh,” thus this whole “comedy” bit.

  3. fakharunnissa says:

    I have seen worse, US Marines walking around villages in Nuristan (Afghanistan) displaying their tattoos : little bombs with wings on their shoulders and Infidel in capital letters on their chest. That is probably how they think they will win hearts and minds…

  4. Tim Stevens says:

    That reminds me of one of the first posts I wrote at Ubiwar – the Arsenal thing is indeed rubbish.