Al-Qaida and Norway

Why would al-Qaida attack Norway? Here are some thoughts by Dominic Tierney and yours truly.

I also have other, somewhat less obvious thoughts on the matter, but I will wait to share them until we know more about the facts in the case.

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6 Responses

  1. This whole thing is very murky. Are these three actually linked to TIP as the NYTimes suggests? Or is that as speculative as it seemed?

  2. Many parts of the puzzle are still missing but I find it interesting that there was recently a bomb plot in UAE towards a Chinese mall planned by two Ughurs. The persons arrested said they had not wanted anyone to get hurt. They are said to have been members of ETIM. I have not heard of any other Ughuri Jihadis behind plots or attacks outside of China, Afghanistan and Central Asia. Might we be experiencing a new devolopment? What do you think?


  3. I hope all these speculations are wrong, because Norway is a peaceful place. Unless we see well established links between Al-Qaeda and the events that took place a few days back, we cant say anything for sure.

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