AQ Inspires Grand Theft Auto 4

Ekhlaas member `Abd al-Wahhab alleges that the programmers of Grand Theft Auto 4 have been inspired by al-Qaeda. To prove his point, he posts a series of links to clips from the game in which al-Qaeda’s terrorist tactics are employed.  `Abd al-Wahhab then asks: “Is the West preparing its next generation in the mode of  Muslim fighting?”

The post is in Arabic, but the links are easy to make out: 6-3-2008-ekhlaas-grand-theft-auto-tactics

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One Response

  1. interesting to note here that jihadi forum members are not, as many of us may think, old bearded men sitting in caves with no knowledge or links to mainstream society. video games have long been used to recruit and promote jihadi activities. this posting is a testament to the fact that jihadi forums are often frequented by impressionable youth who are aware of the world around them, and in this case, my be attempting to reach out to other youth by using contemporary (and very popular) forms of media.

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