English-Speaking Jihadis Lose Principal Propagandists

According to U.S. and Yemeni officials, Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan have been killed in an airstrike. Awlaki was the spiritual leader of the English-speaking jihadi community and Samir Khan was its chief propagandist. Both men joined al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula over the past few years and have been responsible for producing al-Qaeda’s English-language magazine, Inspire. Awlaki also had an operational role directing AQAP’s external attacks and the current head of AQAP reportedly asked Bin Laden to make Awlaki the group’s leader. This is yet another major blow against al-Qaeda and seriously damages its ability to recruit and attack in the West.

Update: For background on AQAP and its ties to Yemeni tribes, there’s a brand new report from CTC.

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3 Responses

  1. Roger that!

    Incredible how Aulaqi AND Samir Khan seem to have been together a lot more.

    They even made the hilarious blunder of travelling together, same convoy, same road, same destination.

    Textbook terrorist knock-out. Plus Asiri the bombmaker seems to be dead too.

    Despite the danger that Aulaqi and Samir Khan posed, its ironic that at the same time, since they’re both dead now, the entire English AQAP Media Department is gone.

    Unless, as it seems to be, Adam Yahiye Gadahn is ALSO in Yemen…

    Let’s wait and see.

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