Fizzled Fitna

Yesterday, Ekhlaas member `Abd Allah `Abid posted two questions to the board: First he asked, “O brothers, is there a reason for al-Qaeda’s delay in Palestine or has it lost control of itself?  And if it succeeds in entering, will it succeed in beginning a battle with the Zionist entity [Israel]?”

In his second post, `Abid innocently wonders why `Amr Khalid, a relatively liberal Sunni televangelist, was being defamed on television and online.  When he gets tepid answers, another poster, al-Mulahiz, pipes up: “I send this member to get your advice and you don’t answer him!”

Everything about this smells like a ploy designed to get the Ekhlaas members arguing with each other over sensitive issues or to expose them to more moderate forms of Islam.  If so, those behind it need to find a better tack–this stuff reeks of inauthenticity.

Document (Arabic): 7-6-08-ekhlaas-is-aq-going-to-succeed-in-palestine

Document (Arabic): 7-6-08-ekhlaas-question-about-amr-khalid

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