Jihad in Saudi Arabia

What’s the point of editing a blog if you can’t use it for shameless self promotion?

My book Jihad in Saudi Arabia is finally out in the US. I am marking the occasion with a book launch at George Washington University today at 4pm, so if you are in the DC area, please come along.

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5 Responses

  1. Ahah… Finally, but Amazon still doesn’t want to send it before the end of June !!! Shame. Anyway, I’m looking forward to read it…

  2. Thomas, when are you going to end your fundamentalistic one man crusade propaganda against the religion of islam? We all know you’re a hardcore islamophobe and that your articles and books are just a cheap scam, so please, leave islam and the muslims alone…

  3. The book is absolutely great (i received it at the end of may, but I had preordered it!!!). The thing I most appreciated is that it is full of references to primary sorces (Sawt Al Jihad, audio recordings etc.), but it’s also full of “theory”, so you have both al lot of raw data (generally, very difficult to find in other studies) and a very interesting multi-level approach to interpret them.
    It’s a MUST read, very informative but also absolutely clear, for scholars, people that work in this field but also readers interested in this particulat topic. Five stars! I’m looking forward to reading your NEXT book (Abdallah Azzam).

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