Jihadi Action Hero Dies in Ayn Hilwa, Lebanon

Over the weekend, Shihada Jawhar was killed in the Ayn Hilwa refugee camp in Lebanon, along with two others, in fighting between Jund al-Sham, a Sunni militant group, and Fatah.

Jawhar, who fought for al-Qaeda in Iraq, is best known for a revealing interview with al-`Arabiyya’s program “Death Industry” upon his return to Ayn Hilwa.   As you can see from his exchange with the host, Shihada typifies the Jihadi action hero I wrote about a few days ago.  He’s a little less cocky in later a New York Times interview, probably because he had just burned himself making a bomb.

Reaction on the forums is mixed.  Some feel that Shihada was just a loudmouth who got what was coming to him, while others view him as a hero.

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