Joas’ Oeuvre

Those of us who parse Islamist and Jihadi-Salafi texts “like Talmudic scholars poring over a manuscript” are familiar with Joas’ meticulous work on Maqdisi and others of his ilk. But since I’ve never seen Joas invited to give a single talk in this part of the world, I have the feeling that his work has not gotten the full airing it deserves outside the academy. So over Joas’ protests (sorry brah!), here’s a quick rundown of what he’s been up to since 2009:

So the next time someone in DC is organizing a conference on Jihadi ideology, spend a little coin and get the real deal. At the very least, we Rabbi-like parsers will finally be able to relieve our philological anxiety upon learning how to pronounce his first and last name.

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