Lamenting Loss of Anbar, Apprehensive of Jihad’s Future in Iraq

In response to Bush’s recent statement that al-Qaeda lost Anbar Province in Iraq, Ekhlaas member Abu Mu`adh al-Maqdisi defiantly writes that it is the U.S. and its allies that lost the province. Nevertheless, he tacitly admits the truth of Bush’s words, writing: “War has ups and downs. Soon, by the permission of God, Anbar will return and the law of God will be applied in it. However, ye are an impatient people.”

Mukashshir Anyabahu (“Bares His Teeth”) replies that the people of Anbar, not just the Awakening members, deeply betrayed the mujahids.

Mu`adh optimistically responds, “As long as the Commander of the Faithful Abu `Umar al-Baghdadi is present, there is no need to worry.”

To which Mukashshir retorts:

You have no idea of the extent of the betrayal and apostasy which transpired in Iraq, especially in Anbar….The people of Iraq completely betrayed the mujahids and allied with everyone who had turned away from religion, except those whom my Lord had mercy on….The situation of the mujahids has become extremely difficult.

I am not saying that the jihad in Iraq has ended; it still continues by the grace of God.

Asad Misr (“Lion of Egypt”) concurs, arguing that the failure of the Jihadis in Anbar stems from their loss of support among its people:

Anbar was lost because of the betrayal of its people.  I will not say that it was due to the power of the Awakening and the apostates.  By God, I believe that this entity called “The Awakening” is very weak.  The problem is not the Awakening; rather, it is the betrayal in Anbar–those people who betrayed God and our master Muhammad by allying with the crusaders and the Jews.

Document (Arabic): 9-2-08-ekhlaas-member-admits-that-anbar-has-been-lost-to-isi

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3 Responses

  1. This view is incredibly prominent, even on English language forums where jihadi videos are published. It’s not the brutality of al-Qaida and its allies which turned the people and the other insurgent groups against them, it’s the people themselves for betraying their religion, with their religion and al-Qaida apparently being inseparable. As I’m sure you’re aware, the level of delusion is unbelievable in some cases; the same e-jihadis who download the videos of “martyrdom operations” arguing for all their lives that al-Qaida would never specifically target civilians with those self-same operations, repeatedly blaming the Shia, the Americans or everyone else.

  2. Cheers to the good people of Anbar! Muslims all over the world are now turning against the barbarism of Al Qaeda. Next in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and Yemen, people will drive Al Qaeda out!

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