Neumann Strikes Again

The International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence led by the indefatigable Peter Neumann at King’s College London has launched a new blog called FREErad!cals. It has a very impressive team of contributors consisting of leading scholars and experienced bloggers, including Neumann himself, Ubiwar blogger Tim Stevens, deradicalisation specialist Omar Ashour, Lashar-e-Tayyiba expert Stephen Tankel, Central Asia and ideology specialist Jeni Mitchell, famous Israel scholar Ahron Bregman, Sciences-Po alumna Alex Matine and the mysterious Amm Sam.

If you are reading Jihadica you are probably already familiar with ICSR, but if not, you should definitely check out their website and publications. ICSR is a multinational, multilateral initiative at the forefront of the field of terrorism and radicalisation studies. Although the name takes forever to type, FREErad!cals is a great addition the blogosphere and I look forward to learning from it the months and years to come.

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3 Responses

  1. “deradicalisation specialist”, eh? If you take the radical out of Islam, do you still have Islam? (If you take the chocolate out of chocolate pudding, do you still have chocolate pudding?)

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