New FFI Report and Conference Papers

I would like to draw your attention to some new FFI publications. Most important is the new report by Einar Wigen on the Waziristan-based Uzbek group Islamic Jihad Union. Einar has trawled Turkish-language jihadi websites to produce this very impressive piece of work which is arguably the best available analysis of the history of the IJU and the nature of its international network. I promise not to post on every new FFI report, but this one is exceptionally good – and very topical. I am delighted to reveal that Einar will be contributing to Jihadica in the near future.

We have also made available a number of conference papers by FFI fellows. Some were presented at the International Studies Association Conference in New York in February, others at the joint FFI/Sciences-Po/West Point workshop in Oslo in March. The papers, wihch can be accessed here, cover a range of topics:

Blood Brothers or a Marriage of Convenience? The Ideological Relationship between al-Qaida and the Taliban (Anne Stenersen)
Ideological influences and patterns of Jihadism in Europe (Petter Nesser)
Which Jihad in Iraq? (Truls Hallberg Tønnessen)
Al-Qaida in Islamic Maghreb: Ideological Dissent in the Algerian Jihad (Hanna Rogan)
Does al-Qaida Articulate a Consistent Strategy? A Study of al-Qaida Leadership Statements, 2001-2008 (Brynjar Lia)

Foreign fighters in Afghanistan and Pakistan after 9/11 (Anne Stenersen)
The advent of the Sunni insurgency in Iraq (Truls H. Tønnessen)
Why Robert Pape is right: jihadi ideological cleavages and patterns of suicide bombings (Thomas Hegghammer)
Violent Patterns: A quantitative study of al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghrib (Hanna Rogan)
The search for a jihadi identity in Europe (Petter Nesser)

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