Preview: Autobiography of a German Jihadist

The memoirs of Erik Breininger, the German jihadist who was allegedly recently killed in Waziristan, have reportedly appeared online. I haven’t seen them myself yet, but if their authenticity can be established, we are dealing with an extremely valuable document. Jihadica will bring you more details soon.

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  1. Here is a translation I did of one of the more illuminating parts in his memoir…

    My Path to Jihad Pages 52-53

    I spent a lot of time with Adbuallah since we now lived together. Hussayn came to visit us often and spoke about the problems and the suffering of the Islamic Nation. After a little while Hussayn left the country. He told me he was leaving, but I didn’t know where he had gone. We followed the events in the region where Jihad was taking place and watched videos on how the Mujahidun fought against the Crusaders. What really shocked us the most above all was the news about the prisons, and how the Crusaders treated our brothers; how they tortured and oppressed them. And also the fact that these infidels are putting innocent women in prison, raping them day after day and then afterwards some of them would have to carry the babies in their bellies. That these honorable women were being treated like crap just fanned the flames of hatred within me towards the infidels. For the life of me, I cannot fathom how most Muslims in the world would rather concern themselves with other things and can just simply ignore these shameful acts…
    … I quickly realized that I had to do something against these Crusaders, who are humiliating our brothers and sisters. Every Muslim should instill in themselves that one must live according to Allah’s laws and that we need to rebuild an Islamic Nation. Yet, most seem to be satisfied with living in a country of infidels.

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