Reaction to News of AQ Defeats

The online Jihadi response to Michael Hayden and Robert Gates’ claims of recent al-Qaeda defeats is predictable: lies!!!  But the proof offered is worth noting.  Ekhlaas member Ubayda al-Muhajir writes, “News is what you see, not what you hear.”  To make his point, he posts several links to mine sweepers being blown up in Mosul.

Abd al-Wahhab takes a different tack.  He says that U.S. officials have no idea what they are talking about.  For example, last Tuesday, the FBI said there was a super secret nuke video coming out, but the tape had already been posted to Ekhlaas on Sunday.  So why would you believe them now?

The emphasis is on credible predictions and visual evidence.

Document (Arabic): 5-30-2008-ekhlaas-refutation-of-cia-claim-of-aq-defeat-in-iraq-and-saudi

Document (Arabic): 5-30-2008-ekhlaas-readction-cia-and-sod-claim-that-aq-being-defeated

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