Returnee from England

Hani al-Siba`i, Egyptian Jihadi and provocateur extraordinaire, is being kicked out of the U.K. and sent back to Egypt.   Hani, like Sayyid Imam, was a member of Egyptian Islamic Jihad and convicted in absentia in the Returnees from Albania case.  Sayyid Imam is serving a life sentence for his conviction and jail time surely waits for Siba`i.  We’ll see if he maintains his harsh condemnation of Sayyid Imam’s and EIJ’s “reconsiderations” of jihad.

Those who follow the forums are very familiar with Siba`i’s Jihadi advocacy, both online through his Maqrizi Center site, and on television.  Since he may be entering a period of extended silence, savor his brilliance one last time (go to the 3:35).

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  1. A bit far afield from this topic, but I was wondering if you might have any thoughts on the killing of the “number two al-Qaeda operative in Iraq” … Abu Qaswarah?

  2. Okay, how nutty are you if you’re using the Thanksgiving turkey to show that Westerners hate Muslims? I’m rating this guy “Batshit Insane.”

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