Stockholm Limbo

We seem to be in limbo as far as the Stockholm investigation is concerned. Swedish and British authorities have not yet revealed any major new insights from their respective investigations. I haven’t seen any vital new documents on the jihadi forums either.

However, there are several good analyses and some new information in the blogosphere, notably from Aaron, ICT, Gudmundsson, Michael Scheuer and Mary Habeck.

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2 Responses

  1. Scheuer’s piece raises an interesting question: how should we assess terrorist motivations – by their last wills and post-attack communiqués, or by the pre-attack activities, interests, statements, of the perpetrators? In short I think we need to distinguish between official reasons and personal motivations, and we also need to consider the possibility that jihadis attack Western targets not because of “what we do” and not because of “who we are” – both hypotheses strike me as a little arrogant. Perhaps it isn’t really about us at all.

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