The Mou10ra11bitt18oun25 Code

On 3 October 2009, Mou10ra11bitt18oun25″ (sic), a “new member” on the Faloja Forums, posted a statement reiterating the threat of an al-Qaida attack on Germany. He claimed that the attack will occur on a Sunday in October stating, “After we [al-Qaida] chose Thursday for London, Tuesday for New York and Washington, and Tuesday for Madrid, we choose Sunday for you….”

Additionally, the name Mou10ra11bitt18oun25 appears to indicate the same with the 10 equating to October and the 11, 18, and 25 equating to the remaining Sundays in October. In Arabic, Mourabittoun is difficult to translate, but generally means people laying in wait.

Another forum member, “Abu Hamza 2005”, cited similarities between the names of Mou10ra11bitt18oun25 and the Ikhlaas member p2l0a0g8u9e, who supposedly caused a media stir when he threatened nuclear attacks. Abu Hamza asks, “What does he [Mou10ra11bitt18oun25] carry in his quiver, or is he a general member [of the forums]? There is great similarity in the letters, numbers, and type of name.”

The Mou10ra11bitt18oun25 statement adds to the media hype regarding possible attacks on Germany. As Thomas has pointed out, these threats may be propaganda rather than preludes to an attack. If so, I am curious what the affect these threats will have beyond sending security organizations and on-line jihadis into a frenzy. If there is not an attack in Germany, will al-Qaida’s credibility suffer among its supporters?  Or, will the terror organization be able to pass it off as part of a larger strategy?

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9 Responses

  1. Thanks for your great and interesting work.

    Sorry for bothering you with that but I read the post you mentioned with the help of google translate and I am very curious what this means:

    *** فَإِذَا نَزَلَ بِسَاحَتِهِمْ فَسَآءَ صَبَاحُ الْمُنْذَرِينَ ***

    Google translates it with:
    If he got Bassaanhm commit illegal sexual intercourse morning omniscient.

    Who is Bassaanhm?

  2. That word means ”In their area”. The sentence itself: ”If it arrives in their area, it worsens the morning of threateners.” (I’m rather a beginner at Arabic, so someone please correct me if I’m wrong…)
    Don’t trust Google Translate with sentences 🙂

  3. It’s an interesting point you make in your posting. It could possibly be wounded pride at play here. They may have overestimated the publicity the initial videos would have received. They were probably expecting mass hysteria and a different election result.

    There is a contradiction in Mou10ra11bitt18oun25 threat compared to Bakkay Harrach. Harrach informs Muslims in Germany to avoid public life for 2 weeks following the election. For Mou10ra11bitt18oun25 to inform that the attack could occur on a Sunday and then ask other users to spread the message would make people avoid public events too. I think that Mou10ra11bitt18oun25 is merely a fear monger, the user Abu Hamza 2005 initially noticed the similarities between Mou10ra11bitt18oun25 and the member p2l0a0g8u9e who originally posted the USA nuclear threat that never materialised in 2008. It could probably be a copycat hoax.

    In response to Michael’s comment, I don’t know exactly what “Bassaanhm” is though it probably means non-believer or something related to that term. Since Arabic is read backwards. The word could also be or sounds like “Mhnaassab”.

  4. Michael,

    The passage you refer to is from the Quran (37.177). The tip off is that the passage was vowelized, which generally indicates a passage is from the Quran or the Hadith.

    Yusuf Ali translated it as, “But when it descends upon their courtyards before them, Evil will be the morning for those who were warned (and heeded not)!”

    Another translation by Shaykh ‘Izziddin al-Hayek says, “When it descends upon their courtyards, evil will be the morning of those who were warned.”

    Yusuf Ali’s explanation (note 4143) is, “See last note [4142]. The parable is that of an enemy camp in a plain, which is surprised and destroyed by a night attack from the hills. Evil is the plight of any survivors in the morning. Their regrets will be all the more poignant if they had had some sort of a warning before hand and had paid no heed to it!”

    Note 4142 relates to verse 37.176, which says, “Do they wish (indeed) to hurry on Our Punishment?”

    Note 4142 is, “The last verse enjoined Patience under the attacks of Evil, in the knowledge that evil must be conquered at last. Evil may perhaps turn back scoffingly and say, ‘If a punishment is to come, why not bring it on now?’ Why indeed? The answer is: when it comes, it will come like a rush by night when the enemy is overpowered, when he least expects it: when the day dawns, it is a sorry plight in which the enemy finds himself.”



  5. On October 6th, 2009, a “member” of the Faluja Forum called “Muhami al-Dawla” (maybe to be translated as “lawyer of AQ-State”) contributed another interesting piece to the ongoing discussion around an attack against Germany. The thread is called “Night of the 100,000 Killed”. “Night” may refer to early morning, since Qur’an al-Saffat 37.177 has been repeatedly mentioned in the present discussion, which can be interpreted as hint to an early moring attack, for example during rush-hour.
    Muhami confirmes “Mou10ra11bitt18oun25’s” claim, that an attack will occur on a sunday in October. And “Muhami al-Dawla” explicitely adds that the plan to attack is based on the decision of the “presidents” of al-Qaeda (AQ), who want to discipline Germany. Thus, he is trying to create a picture of constitutional hierarchy and legitimacy of AQ – if it is more virtual than real remains debatable – as it now often happens on the forums.
    After lamenting about the stupidity of the German people in electing a conservative government and not heeding AQs well-intentioned warnings, he says that the fragmented information on the attack has been spread deliberately by an information brigade of AQ. For the first time, he claims, AQ announces an attack and the reason is that AQ probably possesses WMD. “Does it mean”, he asks, “that the organization has something in its possession we don’t exactly know about?” This would explain the new manner of announcing an attack, he concludes. “Unconventional warfare”, he says, has become possible through deadly gas developed in AQs laboratories specialized on “the science of poison-making”: A school bag in a public place and filled with deadly bacteria would suffice. But much more interesting is the way he calls for conscripts for such an attack. It is almost like the stylization of virtual leadership: Muhami al-dawla opens an “auction” for the highest number of killed Germans. The first offer is for 200 dead Germans, and every jihadi , “who has the ability to strike,”shall place his bid. Preferred, however, would be an bid for an gas-attack, resulting in around 100,000 dead, says Muhami.
    In conclusion, it must not be neccessarily true that a mass attack is imminent. But that members on the forums strongly believe in the existence of a gas-attack plan; and are convinced of the righteousness of mass killing, is in my eyes the real long-term threat, since action is always the child of an idea.

  6. Yes, Talib is right to say wow at this place … after studying the cooking recipe in the previous discussions so well. But the rain gets thicker. Another participant in the “Night of the 100,000 Killed” discussion, Mus’ab al-Jaza’iri, offers a “superficial view” on Germany. He describes Germany’s geography, population centers and population distribution along with numerical and statistical data. The facts will change after a strike, he claims. This entry looks like a first strategic blue-print for a mass attack, an open idea to be further developed. Interesting, how ideas now start resounding in the forum’s echo chambers.

  7. “In Arabic, Mourabittoun is difficult to translate”

    Not everything is meant to be translated and probably best not to translate this here. It’s likely an historical reference to the Almoravids – a dynasty in what is now Morocco which was intent on imposing what would today be called a Salafi interpretation of Islam and curtailing local practices. A medieval combination of dogmatic scriptural literalism and waging war.

    If I were a gambler, I’d say that the poster is a Moroccan living in Germany. There are further indications of this in the post.


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