Watching the Watchers

Since the website is dedicated to monitoring the global Jihadi Movement, I thought it only fitting that the inaugural post feature Jihadis lampooning the practice.  Welcome to the hall of infinite mirrors that is Jihadi Studies.


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5 Responses

  1. Do “they” normally post to forums in English, or is that so their targets would actually be able to read their snipes?

  2. On the Ekhlaas forum, where I get most of my stuff, they usually post in Arabic. However, they do have a small subsection for English posts, which is where I got this one.

  3. Dr. McCants – Will it be a positive or negative if you show up on those boards?

    A pleasure to see this blog up and running; it’s definitely been added to my daily round-up with the likes of Abu Muqawama and SWJ.



  4. Thanks Matt. It’s nice that you’ve included me in such august company.

    I’ve already shown up a few times on the boards. The commentary hasn’t been scathing, but then again I’m not a media personality. Visibility invites scorn.

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