[Scott Sanford] On 21 August 2008, the al-Qaida-affiliated Global Islamic Media Front released a statement written by Abu al-Harith al-Ansari concerning the conversion of Mosab Hassan Yousef from Islam to Christianity. This conversion is significant because Yousef’s father is a senior Hamas leader in an Israeli prison and Yousef himself allegedly was in a leadership position in Hamas’ youth movement. Ansari explains that he felt compelled to respond to Yousef’s conversion and he uses four points to frame the conversion. He then outlines a course of action Muslims should take in response. The following is a brief synopsis:

1. Further research must be done to ascertain the truth about whether or not Yousef converted and then pass judgment.

2. Yousef chose his own path and it is important to remember other noteworthy infidels, who also chose their own path, like Noah’s son and wife, Abraham’s father, and Muhammad’s paternal uncle.

3. The fate of infidels does not change. The previously mentioned notables are all in Hell.

4. “Islam is larger than men.” Yousef’s actions will not harm Islam.

Ansari then gives several pieces of advice to individual Muslims and Hamas:

1. Muslims must announce their disavowal from Yousef’s actions and ask for God’s forgiveness upon him.

2. Just like the United States is dangerous and attacks Islam, Christianity’s evangelical institutions are dangerous too. There are many Christian schools in Gaza where 90% of the students are Muslims. Hamas must be aware of this.

3. While Yousef’s criticisms of individuals are not related to Islam, his criticisms of Hamas’ leadership have merit. Hamas must review its actions and seek guidance from Islam in further decisions.

4. Due to his apostasy, Yousef is weak-minded. “What do [Hamas supporters] know of Islam except the name? We see their fanaticism for the movement as if it were fanaticism for religion.” Hamas must learn about Salafism and read the proper books from writers like al-Tahawi, Ibn Taymiyya, and the Najdi scholars.

5. Yousef went to the United States in search of work. However, the immigration of a Muslim to a non-Islamic country for work is forbidden.

6. Israeli and Hamas oppression in Gaza is probably the biggest reason for Yousef’s apostasy. This does not justify it, but it is possible that God will guide him back to Islam.

If he comes back to Islam great, but if he does not, his fate is as an infidel without honor. The prophet Muhammad said, “Whoever alters his religion, kill him [Ansari’s font changes].” He should not have proper burial rights and he should not be buried with Muslims.

This is his fate under God’s law. The situational laws and human legislation is what causes the spread of apostasy, allows infidel institutions, and protects these institutions.

Such attacks on Hamas are common by al-Qaida and its supporters because Hamas’ nationalistic and more pragmatic approach to Islam challenges al-Qaida’s dogmatically unchanging and global Islamic view. Al-Qaida supporters see Hamas as a direct threat to its hegemony in the Middle East and it is attempting to break Hamas by bringing its followers into al-Qaida’s fold. Ansari tries to do this through discrediting Hamas’ leadership by blaming Gaza’s problems on them and proposing al-Qaida’s ideology as a solution. This is a common al-Qaida tactic against Hamas.

Ansari is also able to connect the believed dangers from the United States and Christianity to Gaza. In doing so, he is attempting to frame the Palestinian conflict in al-Qaida’s Islamic narrative where almost everyone is an enemy. This is in contrast to Hamas’ Palestinian narrative that has much more grey area, depending on Hamas’ goals at a particular time, about who the enemy is and how to deal with the threat.

Ansari does not mention that one of Yousef’s stated criticisms of Islam are those who have an unwavering and rigid doctrinal view, such as Ansari’s view. Thus, Ansari’s solution to the so-called problems in Gaza is unlikely to alleviate any of his stated grievances. It will be interesting to monitor the standoff between al-Qaida and Hamas, but given Hamas’ current authority and popularity in Gaza, it is unlikely that al-Qaida will make much headway in its goal of splitting Hamas’ leadership from its rank and file.

Document (Arabic): 8-21-08-ekhlaas-GIMF-on-mosab-hassan-yousef

  1. No surprise that jihadis are angry about this fellow converting to Christianity. This phenomenon is bound to grow exponentially and then what are they going to do? Jihadis have defected from Islam and converted to Christianity before and even one of the scribes of the Prophet did the same. Interestingly enough this doesn’t look like a formal fatwa with anything like a required seven day period fo him to renounce his apostacy. It may not even be considered legitimate by some Muslim jurists. But then again, the ulema is a diverse and fickle bunch.


  2. Scott Sanford says:

    Hello Ansar – I agree that the letter is not a formal fatwa and I think Ansari may have written it in this way in order to give himself an a bit more credibility as a scholar without actually issuing a fatwa. However, I think his main goal was not necessarily to convince people that Yousef deserves death, although I am sure he would not mind such an outcome. Rather, I think it was to highlight Hamas’ shortcomings as a governing and religious organization, which could theoretically bring more Hamas members into al-Qaida’s ideological mindset.

  3. Daniel says:

    You need to check Hamas forum. Someone there gave a hint that he will be assassinated.

    • Nik says:

      To assassinate someone for a religion would be in ill taste. Do you think any god wants you to murder someone for not believing “his” book? Why even waste time on religion, no god would want your life wasted devoting all that time worshiping him. He knows he’s all mighty he knows he made you so why does he need your worship. Believe in god, just don’t worship him. Deny any religion but live for your god, live for yourself.

  4. Hi Scott and Daniel,

    I agree that there is probably bit of manoeuvring and one upmanship going on. It would be interesting if Hamas is accused of not having a comprehensive apostacy prevention program and what other groups may have to offer. That is . . . beyond the usual threats of death. I know for sure that apostacy has only recently been acknowledged as a serious problem over at the ummah.com forums but I haven’t come across any evidence of the militant organizations admitting to that.

    If this person is assassinated then it will be extremely high profile and damaging for Hamas. Given that he is in California it could well trigger investigations of leftwing groups who openly sympathize with jihadis as well as Muslims. While some may ballyhoo the idea of such collaboration going on I have seen first hand how close knit these groups can be.

    BTW, Does anyone have the URL for the Hamas forum?

  5. Ric Chi says:

    Mosab Hassan Yousef is the strong one. His conviction to be a disciple for Christ and to forgive and love your enemies, despite the threat to his life and his loved ones is not one of fear or weakness but of strength and courage!

    Muslims live in fear of Christianity (in ALL Islamic nations) and therefore have to resort to death threats for the bold converts, and to prohibit the freedom of Muslim to “discover” Christianity. They are the weak ones that do not even believe that their Allah can protect the Muslim from the message of Christianity wihtout their human intervention!

  6. [...] this crime the religion of peace suggests the death sentence, according to some: Whoever changes his Islamic religion, then kill [...]

  7. Elijah says:

    Yousef is soooo strong. The eternal Father has him in His fold no matter what anyone may try and do to him. He is strong…He has faith…He is forgiven and saved from the eternal fire that awaits all nonbelievers of Christ.

  8. Why? says:

    In the entire world why muslims are always associated with violence? Is that the way they will convert the world to Islam?

    Islam is incompactible to modern civilization. There is no freedom of speech. Everyone who is not a muslim is their enemy. Why?

    • Salah says:

      I would like to know where did you get all this claims.
      Your TV have made believe all of this.
      Islam means peace. I am a muslim and all those crazy attacks on US 2001 how many people died in it assuming it was done by muslims?
      how many people US”cristian background” have killed in Iraq? they killed more than 2 million innocent civilian.
      the claim was to retrieve the weapon of mass destruction. all was a lie,
      my point is even those who are killing everyday in Iraq and different places in different ages

      • Joel says:

        There is a difference between killing by the will of God and killing against the will of god. And are you sure that your intelligence agency is not lying to you? Provide me facts and reference links that the terrorist attacks were conducted by Christian’s.

        How much more ignorant?

  9. Why? says:

    The Budhist are less violent so is the Henduist, Jewish
    But the muslims are something else.
    The worse thing is that they threating to kill their own if they converted to something else.
    Christians applaud their children if they decided a new religion we don’t kill our children.

  10. tony blare says:

    Hello every one
    What I want to say all the religion want to kill some one because change his or her view that religion is fake and is not from God and like Mosab said love your enemy not kill them like hamas wants or some of islamic fanatic and Jesus come to the earth and die for all people who love and have faith to help others not like hamas and other organisation kill other innocent people for their view so please all islam faith take a moment and see what is wrong with some of your belive

  11. I am so happy for yousef.
    you know the truth and the truth shall set you free. humans must be free to make decisions and matters of faith is a personal decision that must not be influenced by idologies. freedom of religion is a right and must be respected by all humans.

  12. CharlieP says:

    January 2, 2009

    I just heard Yousef’s story and I thought to myself that this must be a very brave man because he could stand up in front of his enemies and state his beliefs. I think Yousef has found the real truth at the moment of his enlightenment: “To love thy enemy”. Basic moral values seem to be the same in all religions, but the ultimate test is to ask: Is there any hatred in anything that I do? Can I love all humanity even if they are not from my religion or race? Can you “do unto others as you would have them do unto you?” Can you care and love a stranger, be a good neighbor (Samaritan) and wish him well? With this simple philosophy we could change a world of hate into a world of love. The question is can we ever attain it and with it attain peace, love and the kingdom of heaven here on earth. We must all find the courage that Yousef has found to stand up for these basic truths before we can see any positive change in this world. It’s too easy to make fun of these simple ideas rather than do the work to try to change.

  13. Confused says:

    By showing hatred towards the Muslim religion (Islam) how are you any different from the terrorists’ website that supports hatred of Christians ?

    • heapologiatoutimotheou says:

      Hating Islam, an ideology, is WAY different than hating Christians (people). Nowhere does he say he hates Muslims – he applauds Muslims for being some of the best people on earth. His beef is with the god of Islam and his false prophet. He clearly says this. I suggest you rewatch the video and pause whenever it gets too confusing for you.

      People are always allowed to reject and hate ideologies, as long as they don’t hate the people who follow them. You can hate communism, racism, Islam, Christianity, capitalism, liberalism, conservatism all you want. They’re faceless ideas.

  14. Nur el Masih Ben Haq says:

    Shamelessly, Muslims who use death penalty to scare fellow Muslims from converting to Christianity, take along with them huge petro-dollars to the freer Western World to convert some greedy and or troubled personalities like the cash-strapped Micheal Jackson and hungry common ‘liberals’ alike only to turn and tell whoever listens to them that, “It is the miracle of God that the number of Christian convert to Islam is more than the number of Muslim convert to Christianity”.When did fear of death become a miracle even if the statistics is true. In fact, it is the other way round.

    But the genuine miracle is: despite the barbaric use of death penalty to deter their people from leaving Islam, many notable and common Muslims still dare desert Islam and run away to escape the death penalty like recently done by brother Mosab Yousef. Many, of course, get killed and that is a well known fact. But the Western powers have duty to protect Mosab because Muslims World over will be planning to kill him to discourage other potential converts to Christianity, the most peaceful religion on Earth.

    If Muslims feel Islam has a divine protection I challenge them to let stay in Islam be voluntary like the Christians make stay in Christianity a matter of choice. And if “Allah” is afraid that many faithfuls will abandon Islam in an alarming proportion and so proscribes death to potential deserters of Islam, that should prove to us that their is no any miracle behind the survival of Islam other than row human force. That is why a Moslem can even bomb a crowded Mosque of other Muslim sects in his desperate move to protect what he considers as the genuine Islam.

    Every informed, educated and honest person would agree with me that a Muslim equivalent of the then Celsius Clay (now Mohammed Ali) or Dr. Maurice Buccaile etc, who convert to Christianity, can’t stay in, say, Egypt or S/Arabia or Pakistan etc let alone move freely like do Ali and Buccaile etc in the West. So you can’t compare what happens in the free World with what happens in the regimented World of Islam!!

    Of course, with the growing suspicion that Islamic doctrines are actually responsible for the embarrassing scientific and technological backwardness of the Muslim World, the oil-rich Arabs lure some greedy and or frustrated Western personalities like Micheal Jackson and commoners alike into Islam so that they can turn to their increasingly doubting fellow Muslims and say: “Don’t you see even the Westerners do convert to Islam?” Even that one would eventually stop!

    Thank God for giving us INTERNET as we can now expose all the scientific errors, contradictions and corruptions (Alif.Lam.Mim; Kaf.Ha.A.In.Sat, Various Qira’ats etc) that exist in the Qur’an without getting killed by those fighting for ‘Allah’.

    But it must be clear that any attempt on the life of our brother will NOT be tolerated. The numerous Christian Arabs who have necessarily hidden their faith for fear of being Killed should emulate Mosab by running to the Western World.

    However, the West must put pressure on Arab and other Islamic countries to reciprocate the freedom enjoyed by the Muslims in the West and other Christian nations. America and Europe should stop sacrificing Christians in Arab and Muslim countries on the alter of PETROL. Welcome Mosab to salvation.

  15. I know Mosab personally, one thing I’m really sure about specially after watching the Fox interview is that he a big hypocrite, and nothing he said about Hamas or Islam was true.
    BTW. I’m not pro Hamas at all, and Mosab s you mentioned the US is the land of opportunity unfortunately you are getting paid for your lies, Shame on you Mosab.
    Your best friend from Ramallah.

  16. David says:

    It was a great relief and pleasure to watch a Mosab a Palestinian speak the truth about Hamas. Never have I seen a Palestinian speak out against Islam or Hamas for that matter. Mosab is very brave. A small match or lighter can light up a very large dark room. Mosab is that small match stick. He is a true light in this dark world. His passion and conviction to wake up & change the Muslim world is praise worthy. May G-D the Almighty bless him & protect Mosab Hassan.

    Rabbi David

  17. Steve says:

    Not all religions tell you to kill the infidels. Of course not all religions follow prophets who were incarcerated and changed their minds to be released only to switch back again and they all don’t follow moon gods.

  18. C. R. COOPER says:

    “Mosab old friend” Sounds more to me like Mosab’s old enemy. Does the truth really hurt that much?

  19. Pavan says:

    Masab Joseph, I am extremely proud of you and the decision you have made. May Our Lord Jesus continue to protect and guide you along life’s journey. Be not afraid for the Lord our God will never leave you nor forsake you ever.


    • Nik says:

      Wow, have any of you thought of Atheism. I mean no one tells you your going to burn in hell or threaten you with death. Just emptiness awaits you at death. Really that makes you feel some relief and makes you want to do something better for yourself, and if there is some god out there anyway why of all things we hold dear does he want us to worship him? I mean think, do you think the great god who knows all wants us to waste time worshiping him instead of just living. Live for yourself people!

  20. George says:

    I as well saw Mosab’s testimony, and heard all the good and bad things said about him. I don’t know him personally, but I do know this. Christians are not perfect (no one is), and that is why we needed the sacrifice of Jesus, who died for our sins. Does not THE WORD say, “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” And what people don’t realize is, is that Christianity and the Muslim religon have similarities. The first five books of the Christian bible are actually apart of the Muslim bible (Koran). Where the Muslims got it wrong is that the trusted Mohammed’s word (being one man) that he spoke to God over the testimony of thousands of men and prophets, including the true prophet Jesus Christ. The Muslims take Mohammed’s word for their whole religon. I wouldn’t take one man’s word for the gospel. That’s a big decision left in the hands of trusting one man. Truth is Jesus’ birth was foretold thousands of years before it happened. And the bible states events that have come to pass over the past two thousand years that no one could have seen coming, including Israel becong a state. Next, Mohammed based the whole religous theology on works, that you had to perform well in this life to go to heaven. The truth is we all fall short…… no matter what the outside looks like, because our hearts are wicked. Like Jesus told the Pharisees….. “you worship me with your deeds, but on the inside you are like white-washed tombs.” Their actions showed that they “worshipped” him, but their hearts were far from him.
    And in truth, most Muslims are actually peaceful, it’s the radical groups that are violent. But we are to love them all, because as Jesus said to his disciples “by your love for one another, they will know that you are my disciples.”
    But to answer “Confused” question about the anger Mosab expressed, remember that Jesus taught this: Love the sinner, but hate the sin. It’s not the people we dislike, it’s what they do and how it affects others. Remeber this: Just because a person says they are Christians, that doesn’t mean they are.

  21. Annah says:

    Mosoab…you are a modern day Saul of Tarsus who became Paul, the great apostle of Christ. All Christians should be praying for you, your boldness and bravery. Jesus will use use in a migthy way in these last days. I pray that many other Muslims see the light and follow the right path…it’s an honor to call you ‘brother’

  22. Okukushu says:

    I want to believe that there are scholars, intelligent and educated people in Islam.

    But I can’t really understand how their “Allah”/Prophet could instruct them to kill anybody that deserts Islam.

    And they will now tell us that Islam is a religion of “peace”.

    That’s the BIGGEST contradiction in the whole world.

    If their “Allah” is afraid of people leaving the religion, why can’t he fight for himself???

    May God have mercy on their souls.

  23. jane says:

    I saw the Fox “Escape from Hamas” and want you to know that you are in my prayers, for strength and safely as well as the ability to preach the truth in love to those who don’t know the truth of Jesus. You were an inspiration to see your life be changed by Jesus and your ability to tell it like it is. Blessings on your my brother! Stay in the word, on your knees and be that light that shines in the darkness. I am so glad Fox aired it several times. They need to show it again!

  24. John says:

    There is a lot of confusion over the issue of Islam / Christian rivalry. This person is only one of hundreds who have converted by free will choice, knowing that it will put their lives at risk. The Koran specifically puts an obligastion on the person’s family to kill them.
    For Christians, it is not an issue of hating Moslems. We are concerned about their aggression towards us however Jesus taught us to love our enemies and pray for their salvation. Warning people about the Islamic agenda of world domination is not hatred.

    One day the west will realise what is happening, hopefully before it is too late however when anybody can face criminal charges for being critical of islam. This is now the case in parts of Australia

  25. John says:

    the real issue

  26. Corrine Lee says:

    Mosab, You are such a blessing because of your faith. I want to offer refuge to you too, but do not know how. Love is voluntary, worship is voluntary. There is no virtue in forced worship. There is no true worship unless it is given freely without coercison and seduction.
    Allah forces worship, then lies and says there is no compulsion. This is one big contradiction. Censorship is another fear invoked by Islam. There is no fear of outside influences if truth is really given.

  27. naomi says:

    The fate of infidels does not change. The previously mentioned notables are all in Hell.

    This was mentioned on the website, how do u know they are in hell? No one is in hell yet until judgement day, both the bible and I believe the Koran explain the day of judgement.

  28. zeki says:

    i dont think he will be killed because he converted to another religion, i think he will be punished because he spied for enemy.

    punishment for spies is same in every conflict. what did americans do to spies of germany? execution. this is normal for spies of enemy.

  29. Osama says:

    Hi All,

    First of all, I wold like to assure to you that there is nothing in Kuran states that who laves islam should b killed. Who should be killed is the treater who leaves the muslim community and helps their enemies. The Kuran states that every body is free to belive what ever he likes. Please read the Kuran carefully before you make your decisions from fake information from the media

    I need somebody to tell me if Gesus (Peice be upon him) instructs his followers to work as spies to Israil against their own people

    Also, I need somebody to tell me if Gesus approves stealing a country from its own people and killing them and force them to leave it and live as refugees in the camps

    Also, I need someone to tell me if Gesus approves what Israil did to Gaza last year

    Also, I wonder whether Musab’s belive in Gessus id accepted by Orthothox and Catholics. He belives that Gos is Gesus and he died. If somebody can convince who gave God life after death, I will convert to Christianity and change my name to George Bush, the true Christian sample

  30. alex says:

    But now, his story has been made into a six-part video documentary. You can find it here.

    Please note the key line:

    Yousef, when asked; “Can the Palestinians and Israel live in peace?”:

    “There is no chance. Is there any chance for fire to co-exist with the water?”

    And note that the question related to the ‘Palestinians’ and not to Hamas.

  31. Bin says:

    Osama, I can teach you proper English grammar for free. Just email me and we will discuss the time and day.

  32. Chad says:

    Thank you, Nur el Masih Ben Haq. Your post was very enlightening.

  33. To all those leaving religious comments on this thread – please take your debate elsewhere. I am tired of deleting ten crazy messages per day.

  34. ar razi says:

    Jihad is religiously inspired hatred of ‘others’. Jihad is the political application of religious motives. Religion and politics were interwoven in Mohammed’s narcissistic disturbance. No one understands this better than Mosab Yousef. He is a brilliant man and his explanations of Islam are nothing short of amazing.

    Yousef brings clarity and directness to an otherwise very ambiguous and confusing topic. He is needed to help free democracies understand the enemy.

  35. neil robson says:

    “To all those leaving religious comments on this thread – please take your debate elsewhere. I am tired of deleting ten crazy messages per day.”
    So what you are saying is that Christian comments are religious, and Islamic comments are not.You cannot claim to be a website which seeks to examine Jihadism, and yet keep it on a purely socio-political basis, devoid of its religious foundation.To seek to understand Jihad apart from religion is facile

  36. Neil,
    I don’t treat messages differently. I get 20 messages a day on this thread, half of them say Islam sucks, the other half says Christianity sucks. I delete them all. This is my final word on the matter. There are lots of other websites where you can debate which religion is best.

  37. Peter John says:

    Thomas and Neil, I don’t think that half of the posts I’ve read tried to say that one religion sucks more than the other. I read posts by Christians and Muslims alike expressing reasons for their belief. I think the debate is healthy and provides the context for the discourse on Jihad.
    As a Christian, I can off course not conform to Islamic beliefs and definitely not on submit to a belief in Jihad. What is somewhat disturbing for me is that no Muslims on this blog mentioned the development of Jihad as a concept. In Early Medieval Times, Jihad meant to strive for one’s faith. The development of the concept into a more aggressive one came later when they had to defend Muslim territories against the Crusaders. My question as a Christian to my Muslim brothers is this: How do you account for this change in approach to Jihad?
    I am worried by other issues too: Remember Palestine was also taken from Arab Christians. So many of them have left the Holy Land that we come to think of this as a Muslim question. This is wrong and our Arab Christian brothers and sisters need our support as well.
    Secondly, I do not condone the occupation of Palestine nor the treatment of Palestinians, Christians and Muslims alike. I do think though that Muslims should try and think back a few centuries earlier how Christians must have felt about Muslim expansive aggression in what is today North Africa, Turkey, Cyprus and Syria? Unfortunately the wheel turns for Christians and Muslims, and both are now being trodden on in the Holy Land. Will Jihad solve this? I think not.

    • Bri says:

      Tough to follow a ‘Carol’s cemmont’. Kids sandwiched between Ham-ass and Fatah…what’s new?Lends more and more meaning to her gaZOO characterizaton.Meanwhile, kids in going out the highschool windows, doors locked and guarded during school day, guards fired, parents who are also teachers encouraging kids to cut class, teachers’ union upset. Reminds me of Oaxaca.

  38. Unconfused says:

    Confused on 01.04.09 at 3:01 am wrote:

    “By showing hatred towards the Muslim religion (Islam) how are you any different from the terrorists’ website that supports hatred of Christians ?”

    Well, terrorists websites promote terror; i.e., killing those who disagree with them. Folks on this site criticising Islam are advocating reason and speech. I know the difference between talk and murder is very subtle, but think about it.

  39. Unconfused says:

    Peter John wrote: “I do not condone the occupation of Palestine nor the treatment of Palestinians, Christians and Muslims alike. I do think though that Muslims should try and think back a few centuries earlier how Christians must have felt about Muslim expansive aggression in what is today North Africa, Turkey, Cyprus and Syria? ”

    I think that you, John, should think about Muslim expansive aggression in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Hungary, France, etc., because it is still their view that these lands are illegally occupied. That is because they were once dominated by Islam. So your term “occupied” in the phrase “I do not condone the occupation of Palestine” takes on a whole new light, once we understand the true Islamic meaning of “occupied” land. In fact, it means someone is on land I once controlled. So even though WWI lost them the Ottoman Empire, they still insist that any non Muslim presence on once-Ottoman controlled land is “occupation”. The Hamas Charter makes plain it is their religious duty to reclaim ALL occupied lands.

  40. mowre van says:

    Mosab, be not afraid of them that kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him who is able to destroy both soul and body

  41. You made some great points there. I’ve done a lot of searching on the topic and think many people will agree with your blog. Thanks, Jermaine Richardson

  42. Matthew 10:28 (New International Version)
    28 Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.

    May God Be With You Mosab

  43. Keiko says:

    Mosab, I must say kudos to you, if anything the events in your life show the world God’s heart for humanity. “Nothing can separate us from the love of God”
    They’ll many times as Christians when we are not perfect, but when we are weak, God is strong. I pray that your story and others will help call this new generation to action, and show God’s zeal for goodness.

  44. Amen!if God is for us who can be against us?God is really protecting you brother mosab.

  45. Hi there, just became aware of your blog through Google, and found that it’s truly informative. I am gonna watch out for brussels. I will appreciate if you continue this in future. A lot of people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

  46. Sheik bin kafir says:

    You know what is soo hypocrite ? when an Idoite convers to islam , no one complains
    BUT if someone with brains who was muzzie becomes christian they directly want to kill that person THIS IS THE TRUE FACE OF ISLAM … killing and murder
    This people are making ALLAH WEAK ALLAH dont need people to do his job If Allah wants to do a job (killing) he dont need humans
    the woman I admired was Asaama Bint Marwan Mohammed let his hence men kill this woman while she was breast feeding her child WHAT A GREAT HERO

  47. mosab's old collegue says:

    Hello All,

    I just have few things to say, first of all i knew mosab very closely and never knew that he worked as a spy until i saw him on fox news, and that is a shame, because anyone betraying his people is a shame, whether an american betraying americans or an indian working towards the destruction of his own people.

    My second point is, this debate is not about christianity or islam, because my wife is a christian and I’m a muslim and the differences is no where going to take us to killing each other!! that is very hilarious. People calling for his execution is out of the anger resulted from betrayal and causing death to many of his nation that were working to get themselves a free country.

    one more thing, Mosaab couldnt handle the pain israel caused for him while other did, same people that were in prison with him held while he crashed. He saw an oppurtionity to become the star of the media, get a job and a new nationality, and ofcourse FOX news new star, and we all know how fox news put things togather.

    please do not speak of a subject you are not well aware of.

    thank you all

    • John says:

      Dear mosab’s old collegue,

      1) Apparently you didn’t know Mosab “very closely” because you didn’t know that he took up the cause of democracy. He isn’t a traitor to his people, he is trying to show them the way out of the darkness. The real traitors are the leaders who keep leading people back into hate and warfare.

      2) Apostasy is a classified under Sharia law as a Hadd crime, which carries the punishment of death as proscribed by the Koran.

      3) Since you didn’t know Mosab “very closely” to even be aware that he supported democracy and not Islamic theocracy, how is anyone supposed to believe that you have a great insight into what motivates him to publicly speak his views?

      It’s refreshing that someone has the courage to do what he is doing, to explain the vicious cycle of Islamic theocracy, of running from one thug to another as a leader hoping that the Islamic totalitarianism will solve their political problems.

    • nike says:

      u cannot know mossab more than himself

  48. Mosab's Sister says:

    I met Mosab in California (whom I know as Joseph), before his story came to the surface of the media, and we became good friends. I don’t know if you can ever forget someone like him.

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