Issue 28 of Sada al-Jihad is out.  Articles include, “Hamas Responds Negatively to the Invitation of Shaykh Ayman al-Zawahiri” and “The Intellectual Pollution of the Followers of the Salafi-Jihadi Method.”

A new journal, Qadaya Jihadiyya (Jihadi Issues), has also be released.  The production quality is better than most of the Jihadi journals and the articles look interesting.  There is a “Strategic Issues” section, reminding me of Abu `Ubayd al-Qurashi’s column in the Ansar journal.  It has two articles: “The Islamic State of Iraq and Early Signs of American Failure” and “Regional Alliances and the Path of Jihad.”  Another section, “Thoughts of a Mujahid,” has the memoir of someone who attended the al-Faruq training camp.

Document (Arabic): 8-8-08-faloja-issue-28-of-sada-al-jihad

Document (Arabic): 8-12-08-faloja-issue-1-of-qadaya-jihadiyya

  1. Dale in Atlanta says:

    Hi, the first document you link to; “Sada al Jihad” will not download open; it says the PDF file is damage.

    Can you help?


  2. Will says:

    Hi Dale, I’m not sure what the problem is–it opens fine for me. Email me through the “Contact” form and I’ll send it to you.

  3. Dale in Atlanta says:

    Wil: Hi, it must’ve been my Adobe Acrobat reader or something; anyway, it opened up fine, and saved now.

    Thanks so much…


  4. Dale in Atlanta says:

    Will; where could I get a copy of the article you reference below?

    “There is a “Strategic Issues” section, reminding me of Abu `Ubayd al-Qurashi’s column in the Ansar journal. ”


  5. […] is seventy pages long and very nicely designed – in many ways it resembles an English version of Qadaya Jihadiyya. JR contains a lot of original material, including several articles in the strategic studies genre. […]

  6. puzzled says:

    Why would decent god/allah fearing people want to do harm to anyone, it doesnt make sense to me.

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