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Maqdisi Blasts Hamas

Posted: 6th January 2009 by Will McCants in Israel, Jordan, Palestinian Territories, Uncategorized

Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, the leading Jihadi scholar in Jordan (and worldwide for that matter), has issued a statement on his website regarding Gaza.  In short: Hamas has let down the Muslim community and needs to step out of the way and allow the Jihadis there and abroad to take over the fight against Israel.  Maqdisi […]

Maqdisi Response To Abu Rumman Article

Posted: 15th December 2008 by Will McCants in Jordan
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Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi has released a statement on his website,, in which he responds to the questions of one of his followers about the Abu Rumman article I referenced yesterday.  Maqdisi denies being a revisionist but he is also clear that he is not an extremist and that he is trying to regain control […]

Maqdisi’s High-Wire Act

Posted: 14th December 2008 by Will McCants in Jordan
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On December 4, Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi–Zarqawi’s former mentor and one of the world’s most influential Jihadi ideologues–spoke briefly to the al-Ansar Paltalk chat group.  In his brief remarks, Maqdisi appears to distance himself from the Jihadi revisionists: For you and me I prescribe the fear of God, working for the sake of this religion, and […]

The Denudation Of The Exoneration: Part 2

Posted: 19th November 2008 by Will McCants in Egypt, Uncategorized, Zawahiri
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Here’s a paraphrastic translation of the second installment published today.  I promise, it’s worth reading to the climactic end: As I said yesterday, the testimony and hadith transmissions of a liar are not acceptable in Islamic law or in the religious sciences.  So Zawahiri’s religious pronouncement’s in the Exoneration should be rejected. [Sayyid Imam goes […]

Shumukh’s Prebuttal Of Sayyid Imam

Posted: 17th November 2008 by Will McCants in Egypt, Zawahiri
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The Egyptian newspaper, Al-Masri al-Youm, announced last week that Sayyid Imam will publish a rebuttal of Zawahiri’s Tabri’a (Exoneration), which itself was a rebuttal of Sayyid Imam’s Tarshid–a text that caused a great stir last year because the author criticized his former colleague, Zawahiri, for being an unrealistic revolutionary.  Since Rob at Media Shack is […]

Maqdisi’s Moderation

Posted: 27th October 2008 by Will McCants in Jordan
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Several days ago, I wondered why Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi–Zarqawi’s mentor and one of the most influential Jihadi ideologues alive–was being criticized or defended from criticism on the forums.  And last week, I speculated as to the reason his site,, has been allowed to go back up. We now have part of the answer.  According […]


Posted: 22nd October 2008 by Will McCants in Hamas
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On the Faloja forum, two issues are generating a lot of conflict.  One is Hamas, which some members have strongly criticized for crushing the Islamic Army in Gaza, a group sympathetic to al-Qaeda.  Other members are plantively calling for unity.  The other contentious issue is Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, whom I’ve written about several times in the past.  Maqdisi […]

Two Important Sites Back Up

Posted: 19th October 2008 by Will McCants in Uncategorized
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Faloja, one of the second-tier sites that was closed down two weeks ago, is back up.  In announcing its return, the administrators acknowledged that it had fallen victim to the same wave of closures that shut down the top-tier sites in September.  It also announced that several of these sites will be back online shortly. […]

Maqdisi Composes Elegy for Zarqawi

Posted: 25th September 2008 by Will McCants in AQ in Iraq, AQ Leadership, Poetry
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Zarqawi’s spiritual mentor, Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, composed an elegy for his deceased disciple soon after his death.  Although the two fell out over Zarqawi’s brutal tactics in Iraq, Maqdisi still has a soft spot for him.  The elegy, “The Dove Cried and the Swords Wept,” is recited by Maqdisi and has been released online for […]