On the Faloja forum, two issues are generating a lot of conflict.  One is Hamas, which some members have strongly criticized for crushing the Islamic Army in Gaza, a group sympathetic to al-Qaeda.  Other members are plantively calling for unity. 

The other contentious issue is Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, whom I’ve written about several times in the past.  Maqdisi is the most influential Jihadi ideologue alive and a hero among the foot soldiers for his long stints in Jordanian prisons.  But according to members of Faloja and Shamikh, Maqdisi has been subject to a lot of criticism lately.  Unhelpfully, no one has yet explained what the exact criticisms are.  Neverthless, at least one member,  Abu Ziyad al-Qasimi, says that those mouthing the criticisms are plants by RAND who are carrying out its plan to subvert the Jihadi movement.

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