Maqdisi Response To Abu Rumman Article

Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi has released a statement on his website, Tawhed.ws, in which he responds to the questions of one of his followers about the Abu Rumman article I referenced yesterday.  Maqdisi denies being a revisionist but he is also clear that he is not an extremist and that he is trying to regain control of the dragon he unleased in his earlier writings.  

In his statement, Maqdisi finally names his main nemesis, the brother-in-law of Zarqawi’s wife.  I haven’t seen Abu Qudama’s book yet but I’ll try to track it down.

Here’s a summary:

Question 1: Abu Rumman says you are shunning Zarqawi’s supporters.  Is it possible to consider this part of the “revisions,” as he says?

Those of us who signed the statement are not dissociating ourselves from the brothers.  We are talking about a small group of ignorant people who haven’t studied at all, were not in prison with us, and who did not fight in a jihad.  The beliefs of these people are like the Khawarij of old because of their general excommunication of people.  They excommunicate anyone who does not clearly dissociate themselves form the government.  Moreover, many of them believe you can’t pray behind imams of mosques that are part of government-administered endowments.  Some are attributing these teachings to me and this is the source of my disagreement with them, not their support of Zarqawi.  Those of us who signed the statement are closest to Zarqawi and knew him best.  This statement is not a “revision” as is being talked about in the media because we never previously held to the awful tenets being circulated by this group.

Question 2: Is it true you called the youth to stay away from this group before talking to its members first?

I sat with them twice in their homes and discussed the excommunication of imams who run mosques that are part of government-adminsitered endowments.  We also discussed the excommunication of government employees for not dissociating themselves from the government.  I rejected these ideas.  I succeeded in turning one of them around in a meeting at my home, but he later reverted.  I have followed the online discussions about me and I’ve spent my precious time engaging these people in hopes that they will repent.  Some have but others have become worse.

Question 3: Abu Rumman says some of your earlier works were revisions and that they are at odds with the legacy of Zarqawi.

That is not true.  The Thalathiniyya is not a revision because I didn’t revise anything.  I also wrote it alone in Zarqawi’s presence.  The Waqafat was not just directed to Zarqawi but to the whole mujahid community. [see Joas Wagemakers’ comments on my post yesterday]

Question 4: What’s your opinion of the book Fursan al-Farida al-Gha’iba [Knights of the Neglected Duty] by Abu Qudama, the husband of Zarqawi’s sister?

He has slandered me and called me a liar based on what some of the extremists mentioned above are saying.  He wasn’t with us in prison and he’s talking about things he knows nothing of.  I have been criticized because of his book, which has been published on some of the forums.  People on the forums also published his slanders against the wife of Zarqawi.

Document (Arabic): 12-13-08-faloja-maqdisi-responds-to-abu-rumman-article

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  1. I haven’t visited any of these forums in a while, so I had no idea any of this was going on.
    How far will Maqdisi be dragged into all of this?
    This could be very interesting

  2. Hi Will

    I have a copy if you would like it? Well I have a 2007 edition of the book that runs 463 pages. I don’t know if he has updated it since.


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