Identity of Future Caliph Revealed?

The mysterious Abu `Umar al-Baghdadi, the amir of al-Qaida in Iraq and would-be caliph, may no longer be so mysterious. Al-`Arabiyya reported yesterday, on the authority of the police chief of Haditha, that Baghdadi is Hamid Dawud al-Zawi, a former intel officer in Saddam’s security apparatus. Zawi is said to be from nearby Haqlaniya, where a large cache of al-Qaida computers was discovered. Here’s his picture:

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Watching the Watchers

Since the website is dedicated to monitoring the global Jihadi Movement, I thought it only fitting that the inaugural post feature Jihadis lampooning the practice.  Welcome to the hall of infinite mirrors that is Jihadi Studies. 4-15-08-ekhlaas-watching-the-watchers

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