Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi Question and Answer

The Shamukh al-Islam forums have initiated an “Open Interview” with Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi. For those unfamiliar with online jihadi interviews, the usual format is for readers to post questions on the forum and then the person being interviewed posts his responses, normally all at once after many questions have been posted. To process the questions, the Shamukh administration has started a separate forum called, “You Ask and the Shaykh Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi Answers,” where members can post questions that will only be visible to al-Maqdisi, the member who posted it, and the administration. However, the administration has indicated that al-Maqdisi’s answers will be public.

Even though the period to ask questions will only be a week, it may take several weeks for al-Maqdisi to answer the questions. We will continue to monitor for when he releases his answers.

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2 Responses

  1. My question to the Shaykh Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi is this: There are some among the callers to Islam who accuse the the Mujahideen’s Jihad as being wrong, and not following the the way of the Sunnah of the Prophet (saw) and the Salaf. Among those that share this view are the Madkhali “Salafi’s” (people of Irjaa) and the Khilafa group of Abu Hammam (Those who were present in Afghanistan and accused of being Takfiri [They also attribute themselves to the dthahiri school of thought]).
    They base this accusation on the fact that the Mujahideen have not appointed a Khalifa, and so they say Jihad without a Khalifa is incorrect. And some of them even say that the concept of “Emirate” has no evidence in our religion. Could you please clarify this issue for those of us who our being mislead by this call.

  2. Peace Abu Yahya.

    The Shaikh ul Islam, Al-Mawardi’ says in his Akham us Sultaniyyah: “The Emirate of Jihad is particularly concerned wirh fighting the Murshirkoon.”

    Notice that the Shaikh didn’t differentiate a Khilafah with an Emirate, as a Khilafah existed during his time, therefore he must have used the terms interchangebly.

    The only difference between a Khilafah and a Emirate is that a Khilafah is headed by a Sayyid (Honorable Relative of the Prophet) and a Emirate is one who isn’t a Sayyid.

    Hope that helps.

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