New Sada al-Jihad and Islamic Turkistan Journals

A couple of Jihadi journals have been released recently. To get an idea of what they cover, I have roughly translated their tables of contents.

The Global Islamic Media Front released the 35th volume of “Sada al-Jihad” or “Echo of Jihad.” The table of contents includes:

“The Jihadi Movements and the Sweet Harvest – The Fruits of the Siege”

“Obama: A Repeat Copy of Bush”

“So We Understand the Balances of the Apostate Regime in Algeria”

“The Pakistani Regime and the Conflict with the Taliban: The Flight Forward”

“The Iranian Elections and Signs of the Iranian Program’s Regression”

“The Tragedy of the Muslims in Egypt’s al-Wadi al-Jadid Prison”

“The Fate of Karzai will be Worse than his Traitor Forefathers” by Qari Muhammad Yusuf the spokesman for the Taliban

“The Abandoners of Loyalty”

“Civil Strife: The Adaptation of Reality”

“Security Warnings (Negatives)”

The Turkistan Islamic Party released the fourth volume of the “Islamic Turkistan” journal. Its table of contents includes:

“The Sino-American Agreements Regarding Cooperation Between the two Countries for the Case of Pakistan and Afghanistan”

“Chinese and Pakistani Media Fraud and Its Reliance on Lying and Slander”

“A Statement by the Military Commander in Remembrance of the Communist Slaughter of Our Muslim Ummah in China and Urumqi”

“A Meeting with the Brother Abd-al-Haqq – The Leader of the Turkistan Islamic Party”

“From the Crimes of the Chinese Communist Regime: The Exposed Secret”

“The Muslim Turkistan People are Barred from [Receiving] a Passport”

“Our Martyrs: The Martyr Balal”

“Global Journalism”

“From the Quran’s Guidance: The Story of Saul and Goliath”

“War is Stratagem”

“Security and the Quran”

“The Islamic Ummah: A Body with no Spirit and Writing with no Clarity”

“The Beautiful Coverings Collapse and Display the Shameful Faces”

“Political Stratagems that the Chinese Practiced to Conquer the Turks”

“Save Turkistan Before it is too Late”

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  1. Interesting that there is no mention of the Urumqi riots in the second – I suppose that means this pre-dates them. Where does this magazine appear to be coming from?

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