Email Invasion Of U.S. and U.K. Universities

‘Tis the season for cyber-invasions.  Not to be outdone by the Faloja forum’s Nusra2 Facebook invasion, a senior member of the Shumukh forum, Hafid al-Husayn, has proposed sending 100,000 emails to university professors, students, and employees containing “pictures of slain Americans and films of the mujahids’ triumphs in the Islamic State of Iraq and Afghanistan.”  

In a follow-up post, Hafid explains that the purpose of the 100 Thousand Campaign is to shame the West.  He then restates his tactics, this time in English:

We will invade ur universities , we will send the news of mujaheddin and the films, movie , pics of ur killed soldiers in ISI Islamic State of Iraq and Afghan. Now our goal and target is to send the news to 100 thousand lecturers student &,tech of ur universities and Institutes ,and of course they will FWD the email to many friends and beloved people , we are coming.

In a later post, Hafid lists his priorities for the beginning of the campaign:

First, I want a list of the names of the American universities.  Second, I will post the emails of the professors here, and the administrators (of the forum), you, and the good people will select the subjects that will be sent.  We must write a draft in English addressed to the professors in the style that we know our master, Muhammad (PBUH), our renewing shaykh Usama, and our amir al-Baghdadi would use to address the West.”

Jihadis generally have a reputation for being more savvy communicators than the U.S. and its allies.  A campaign like this will tarnish that reputation because its intended effect–the demoralization of the emails’ recipients–will have the opposite impact during the holiday season.

Document (Arabic): 12-18-08-shamikh-campaign-to-email-university-professors

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6 Responses

  1. This might not be that bad of an idea on their part, actually. Sending out images of KIA service members could invoke feelings of sympathy and pity from the email recipients towards warfighters and their families (esp. during the holiday season). In this sense, an underlying purpose of this campaign may be to fuel the fires of the anti-war movement that is often linked to university and college campuses. Perhaps they’re trying to re-ignite that anger with U.S. policies, by visually reminding people of the consequences of war. In light of Obama’s election, who seems to have quietly dropped his 16-month withdrawal plan for Iraq and vowed to push forward in A-stan, jihadis may feel that Americans need an extra push to keep campaigning against the wars.

  2. al-Husayn’s post then continued: “And Brothers, you know what else we could do? Get me the addresses of all U.S. politicians. Then we find some paper bags, bags like the Prophet and our Shaykh and Emir would use. Then we crap in these bags and place them on the doorsteps of the Americans. We light them with the flames of Jihad, ring the doorbells, and disappear into the night. The Americans will step on them, inshallah…”

  3. sounds like Monika is encouraging cyber jihad against the infidel US

    should be easy to track some of the emails…or maybe that’s why the internet cables were cut in the Mid East yesterday lol

  4. Wow
    Lets see here…
    Shoe throwing at George Bush?
    That was supposed to be an insult?
    I don’t know if you are aware of this…but that little attempt at disrespect by that loser Reporter (Who from what I hear in the News got his ass beat down!)…was viewed with humor…not as an insult

    Mass E-mailing of Universities, Professors and Students of KIAs?
    Sounds like the campaign of some really desperate losers who sit up at night with nothing to do with their miserable lives!
    Yeah! That’s going to show US here in the West that you should be taken seriously and treated with respect!

    Just a few more reasons why you people are not taken seriously and viewed as the low lives and animals that you truly are.

  5. Sounds like these folks would best talk to The Guardian about how Americans react when foreigners try to involve themselves in our affairs. 2004 election in Ohio, anybody?

    On the other hand, this does say something about us when we think we can influence foreign populations by sticking our big noses unsubtly in their affairs.

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