New Jihadi Mags Analyze Mumbai, Somali Pirates

Issue 31 of Sada al-Jihad is out, as well as issue 4 of Qadaya Jihadiyya.  In Sada, Ta Ha al-Miqdad argues that the Mumbai attacks demonstrated that Jihadis have a “strategic awareness” because:

  • They hit the commercial center of India at a time of great global economic instability.
  • All of the attacks were from Pakistan, which demonstrated solidarity with the Muslims in India.
  • They sent a message to the chief Crusader allies by taking citizens of those countries hostage and executing them.
  • The attacks widened the scope of the confrontation in Afghanistan to include countries allied with the Crusaders against Muslims (i.e. India).
  • Most important, the attacks were a message to Obama, who wants to pull out of Iraq and concentrate on Af/Pak.  Obama knows he needs peace between Pakistan and India for his strategy to work and the Jihadis have shown they can destroy this peace.

In Qadaya Jihadiyya, Abu `Ammar al-Khusti observes that the allied powers have not cracked down on the Somali pirates and have agreed to pay their outrageous ransom demands.  The reason for this, he postulates, is that the allied powers are happy to pay the ransoms if it means the pirates will grow strong and thwart the designs of the Shabaab movement to conquer Somalia.  This is the Somali version of the Sawha movement in Iraq.

Document (Arabic): 12-17-08-faloja-issue-31-of-sada-al-jihad

Document (Arabic): 12-18-08-shamikh-qadaya-jihadiyya-issue-4

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