Mixed Feelings About Shoe-Thrower

One might suppose that the mood is celebratory on the Arab Jihadi forums after Zaidi chucked his shoes at President Bush.  However, a lot of posters are unhappy with reports that Zaidi is a communist.  So much for solidarity.

Document (Arabic): 12-16-08-faloja-shoe-thrower-is-dismissed-as-communist

Document (Arabic): 12-16-08-faloja-another-post-dismissing-shoe-thrower-as-communist

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5 Responses

  1. You’re being silly now …

    Just as the communists made sure to execute all the anarchists first in the Russian, Chinese, and Vietnamese revolutions the Islamists made sure to shoot the communists first in the Iranian revolution.

    But it’s a little different cause the Islamists never felt any, nor, in fact, did they have any, ideological indebtedness to Marx, Lenin, or, for that matter, Bakunin.

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